Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Richee's Review on Legion Season 1

Well, season one of Legion is over. The final episode revolved around David getting Farooq/ The Shadow King out of his head, while dealing with the threat of D3 and the Interrogator. The Shadow King reaches out to Syd, as he lingers in her mind during the short period she had switched places with David in the first episode.

Quite a simplistic end to such a complicated stylish series. Rounding up the story but leaving us wondering where David and his group go from here, especially with D3 as possible allies. Professor Xavier, or his X-men, don't make an appearance in the series, and I don't think they're going to join the series to the depressing news that they're planning on doing another two feature films following on from the garbage of X-men Apocalypse.

This series is brilliantly acted with some of my favourite actors involved. Dan Stevens is the stand out in the lead as David, but Aubrey Plaza as Lenny and Jermaine Clement were also solid as usual. Rachel Keller as Syd was great. In fact ,rather then going through them all, everyone involved really brought their characters to life.

The style of the show was really out but beautiful, making the show hyper colourful with a great if bewildering sound track. A lot of people I spoke to gave up with this show before it really picked up in episode 5. If you our one of them I'd highly advise you to give it another go. 
If you haven't guessed, I loved this show and found it intriguing and interesting, making you think about what you're seeing and questioning what is happening. Final rating is a high 8/10, for all of the reasons above. One thing I'd like to see in season 2 is some more villainous characters. The Shadow King was good in this show, but you didn't get very much from him as he was stuck in a power struggle with David. We shouldn't have that problem in the new season, plus... come on, give us a couple of X-men, you know we want it. Richee

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