Saturday, 29 April 2017

Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke #6

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With Little Bill in tow, I happened upon a fisherman on route 12, who kindly gave me a super rod. I reached route 13 and thought I'd see if anything was in the water. To my surprise I got a hit in a level 34 Krabby. I caught him and really wanted to add him to my team. When I get a chance I'll name him Cap'n K. While I'm battling all the fisherman, Twig hit level 32, and I decide to use the grass stone to fully evolve him into Victreebell.

During my battles on route 13, I put Digberts up front to get them some experience, but when I came across a Doduo with tri attack, Digberts critical hits and one hits the poor sod. Well, I have a new opening in my team now I guess. I reach route 14 and head into Saffron City to battle the fighting dojo with Cap'n K in tow. I have too many water types. A combination of Mags and Cap'n K battle through to the leader of the dojo. Cap'n K took care of Hitmonlee quite easily and Buzzbee took care of Hitmonchan. With that victory I grab the piston punching Hitmonchan and name him K.O.

I decide to deposit Mags, as his move set is the weakest, plus Cap'n K is bad ass, and I take out K.O.; he's only level 25 but I see promise in him. On K.O.'s first level up he learns ice punch and thunder punch. I leave fire punch as the other two cover a lot of bases. Cap'n K also levels up and evolves into Kingler. On to route 15 I catch a Pidgeotto and name him Otto. I reached Fushia City and headed straight for the Safari zone. 

Hopefully, luck will be with me. I have one chance to catch something in the safari zone. I would love to catch one of the rarer normal types, like Chansey, Tauros or Kangaskhan, but that is extremely unlikely. Yep, didn't happen, nothing but a Nidorina. Having a Nidoqueen on the team would be awesome enough, but it's not meant to be as Nidorina fled on my third safari ball. I clear the zone grabbing the HM for surf and some gold teeth for the Safari warden, who gives me the HM for strength.

I enter the Fushia gym, but after the first trainer I decide I need more training first and head up the cycle track. After beating all the bikers I reach Saffron City again. Team Rocket seem to be making trouble in Silph Co. Well, better go deal with this quickly. I battle my way through most of the jerks with no issues, until one of them got their Weezing to self destruct and defeat Twig. Dammit! I go and retrieve Mags before pushing on. 

A bit further through I bump into my old rival from Pallet Town and the battle begins. I have Mags out first on level 36, to take on Pidgeot on level 37. I use thunder wave to paralyse Pidgeot then defeat him with multiple dragon rages. Pidgeot hit a few wing attacks, but nothing serious. I leave Mags out to take on Gyrados (level 38). I stick with the same game plan, thunder wave then dragon rages, but I'm forced to switch in Little Bill (level 37), as I don't want to lose anyone else. One body slam finishes off Gyrados.

Growlithe (level 35) is out next. I switch in Turtz (level 37) to one hit Growlithe with water pulse. Predictably, my Rival switches in his starter in Venusaur (level 40), so I switch in Buzzbee (level 36), who always has his number. Again, this match lasts an eternity, with Venusaur using sleep powder to drag out the match painfully long. I start calling Venusaur "Lameasaur". His final Pokemon is Alakazam (level 35), who falls to the bites of Turtz. And that's my rival, defeated again with no losses. Richee

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