Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke #5

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With Eevee in tow, I can't grind coins in the arcade to get another Pokemon, which I kinda regret: a Dratini would be pretty handy for a this adventure. I find some Team Rocket noobs in the arcade and find that they're up to no good as I battle my way through there underground base. I'm forced out multiple times as Tails just gets poisoned over and over again. I stock up with antidotes for the inevitable poisoning back in their den.

I reach Giovanni with ease, other then all the annoying poisoning. Turtz takes care off his Onix. Rhyhorn but struggles against Kangaskhan, so I switch in Mags to finish the battle. After beating him, Giovanni nicely handed over the silph scope which I need to identify the ghost type Pokemon in Pokemon Tower. I heal up my team then head down to battle my fourth gym.

The fourth gym is a grass type gym so I have Tails out first, even though he still some how hasn't got a fire type move. This comes back to haunt me and Tails, as he gets wrapped by one of Erika's rookies with Weepinbell defeating Tails. I switch over to Buzzbee who clears the way to Erika for me, hitting level 30 in the process. Buzzbee then manages to defeat Erika on his lonesome with moves like aerial ace and twin needle, Victreebell, Tangela and Vileplume didn't stand a chance.

I release Tails and get Digberts back out and head into Saffron City. I head up to the fighting dojo, where I really want a new fighting type, since I lost Mankey. I head in and soon realise that my team are outclassed. I'm forced to sacrifice Eevee before he even became Jolteon and had to flee the dojo without any new fighting type. I head to Lavender town to deal with the Pokemon Tower. I lose the opportunity to catch anything new when I take out a level 15 Ghastly.

I reach the top of the Pokemon Tower where more Team Rocket lackeys are jerking it up. I clear them out and rescue Mr Fuji, who gives me a pokeflute for my heroic actions. With my flute in tow, I head down to route 12 where there's a sleeping Snorlax. I have Mags out first, and after three dragon rages Snorlax is low on health choosing to use snore when not asleep, and all it took was one great ball to add Snorlax to my team. I name him Little Bill. With Turtz and Little Bill I'm reminder of my championship team of Tiny Turtz and Big Bob from my time in Kalos. Richee

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