Saturday, 22 April 2017

Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke #4

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Inside the third gym, while defeating all of Surge's underlings, Digbert evolved into Dugtrio, meaning I need to rename him as there's now three of them. It takes a while to crack Surge's bin puzzle, but I finally reach him and Digbert goes full one-man-army, defeating Voltorb, Pikachu and Raichu with a magnitude each, so that was anti-climatic, but I've got my third gym badge. I head back into the Diglett cave to make my way through it, and as I near the end I'm challenged by a level 29 Dugtrio. I can't get away as Dugtrio has the ability arena trap. Unfortunately MONKEY is out first and is defeated with one magnitude.

Now it's personnel. I switch in Digbert and use magnitude, which nearly one hits the wild Dugtrio, who uses dig. Being underground won't protect you! Digbert's magnitude hits even if you're underground, and it defeats the jerk Dugtrio. I release MONKEY and head back to daycare to grab Mags, who is now level 20. When I reach route 9, Mags evolves into Gyrados, but didn't learn bite. I think her not evolving at twenty has hindered her. I caught a Spearow on route 9 and name him Borow. We then reached route 10 where I'm able to catch a Voltorb and name him Orby.

I heal up my team then head into the rock tunnel. No Zubats in sight, but I'm attacked by Geodude. I have Turtz out first to use bite, which critically hits, and I lose my chance at grabbing a Geodude. We battle our way through the rock tunnel and reach the eerie Lavender Town, where I'm able to rename Digbert into Digberts. I head into the Pokemon tower where, surprise surprise, I bump into my rival. I have Mags out first to take on Pidgeotto, who is defeated by two dragon rages. My rival actually has a Gyrados too. I stick with Mags, who again wins with two dragon rages, only taking one thrash in the process.

Growlithe is out next, so I switch in Turtz to use water pulse and get the one hit win. A rematch between Ivysaur and Buzzbee takes place again, and it's just as boring. Sleep powder just delays his inevitable loss and Buzzbee pulls through with aerial ace and twin needle. Kadabra is out next. I stick with Buzzbee, but his first attack is blocked with disable. The follow up aerial ace critical hits to defeat Kadabra and defeat my rival, yet again. He tells me not to bother carrying on, as I need a special item to recognise the Pokemon in the Pokemon tower.

I forgot to catch anything down route 8, but Digberts reached level 30 first. I reach route 7 where I manage to catch a Vulpix. Excellent, adding a fire type to my team! I name him Tails. We reach Celadon City and head straight for the massive shopping centre, where I grab lots of healing items and a few evolution stones for when my team hits 30. I also get given an Eevee, which means I have to replace one of my team. I store Digberts, as the grass gym is next and I need to get Tails levelled up. I also name Eevee Jolt as, guess what I'll be evolving him into. Richee

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