Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke #3

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My training continues around Cerulean City, completing the Golden Nugget Bridge and defeating a recruiter for the dastardly Team Rocket. I reach route 24 and dive head long into the grass, and my luck kicks in and I get a Bellsprout, which I'm able to catch and I name him Twig. After a few more trainers I reach route 25 and finally catch a Pidgey, third time lucky, I name him Pidge. Also, in all the training, Mags hits level 15 and learns Tackle.

I chat with Bill, some rando, for a little while, and he gives me a ticket to the SS Anne. I head south from Cerulean City to route 5 where I catch a Meowth and name her Puss Puss. I've finally got full team, plus one spare. I also find the day care centre on route 5, so I leave Mags there while I go take care of gym leader Misty. My team for Misty is Twig on level 18, Buzzbee on level 17, MONKEY on level 18, Turtz on level 20, Pidge on level 13 and Puss Puss on level 10.

Misty has Staryu (level 18) out first, but Twig makes short work of Staryu with vine whip. One down, one to go. Misty has Starme out next on level 21. I switch in Turtz, and a couple of bites forces Misty to use a super potion. After that though, water pulse confuses Turtz, who hits himself and I'm forced to switch out as I can't afford Turtz to hit himself again. I send in Puss Puss, who is one hit by swift. I switch Twig back in to finish Starme off with vine whip and get me my second badge.

So I release Puss Puss back in to the wild and send Pidge to Oak. I head under the underground passage to reach route 6 where I get in a tricky fight with bug catcher Elijah, where most my team get paralysed and confused, but my team powers through to beat him. I search through the grass in route 6 but only find duplicates of Pokemon I've all ready caught. I reach Vermilion City, and after a quick look around I head into the Diglett cave to catch, what else, a Diglett. I name the little guy Digbert. With Digbert in the team, I head onto route 11 to catch a Drowzee and name her MissSleeps. I send MissSleeps to Oak as well. I need to focus on training Digbert.

I board SS Anne to battle the other passengers. As I do, Twig evolved into Weepinbell. As I explore the ship I bump into my Rival once again, who of course wants to battle. Pidgeotto is his lead Pokemon again. Luckily I have Digbert out first to do huge damage with rock tomb. Pidgeotto decides to use cheap-ass sand attack, so Digbert can't follow up his attack and I'm forced to switch after missing three attacks. Turtz comes in to bite Pidgeotto and get the win. Ivysaur is out next, so I switch in Buzzbee. Sleep powder is a constant nuisance, as Buzzbee is put to sleep three times, but wins with twin needle in the end. Kadabra is up next to take on Turtz. Two bites and Kadabra is done, then MONKEY destroys Raticate with one brick break.

With my rival defeated, again, I reach the captain's quarters where he kindly gives me the HM01 move which contains cut, so I can cut down the tree blocking the gym in Vermilion City. I teach it to Buzzbee and wave goodbye to the SS Anne as it departs for it's next destination. As for my next destination, it's the next gym and my third badge. Richee

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