Saturday, 15 April 2017

Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke #2

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With the first Kanto badge in my pocket, I head down to route 3 where I battle my way through all the trainers, and levelling up Buzzbee 'till he's fully evolves into Beedrill. I find another patch of grass to hopefully add to my team and a Pidgey pops up, but is easily defeated, so another wasted opportunity. I reach the entrance to Mount Moon, which has a handy Pokecenter located at the base. There's a shady looking guy selling Magikarps in the corner. I know I shouldn't, but I pay up and buy a Magikarp and name her Mags.

As I head into Mount Moon I wonder what Pokemon will appear first. It could be a Clefairy, a Geodude, or a Paras. But no, of course when you go in a cave in Kanto, the first Pokemon to appear is Zubat. Well, beggars can't be choosers. I use Buzzbee to weaken him up with fury attack, but Buzzbee decides to use five attacks and defeat Zubat, so won't be catching anything in Mount Moon. Luckily, I grab a dome fossil from some nerd before I get out, plus Turtz evolved into Wartortle.

I escape the Zubat filled Mount Moon and reach route 4. I find some martial artists training and they kindly teach my team some moves. MONKEY learns mega kick and Turtz learns mega punch. I would have taught the moves to Mags, but I don't want to make her too OP. Now, my chance to add to my team. We get attacked by a Spearow. Turtz is out front to use water gun, which critical hits and defeats Spearow. Catching is not going well at the moment. 

I reach Cerulean City where the second gym is located, but I need a bit more training before I try the gym. After a little exploring I bump into my rival, who remains nameless. I should really ask him for his name after I kick his butt. My rival has Pidgeotto (level 17) out first to take on Turtz (level 18). Constant sand attacks made this battle go on far longer then necessary, forcing me to switch in Mags to allow Turtz to land an attack, but he overcomes the nuisance that is Pidgeotto in the end. My rival has Bulbasaur out next on level 18, so I send in Buzzbee on level 14. Buzzbee's attack is pretty poor, and I was forced to switch out as Bulbasaur used leech seed. I switched in MONKEY (level 16) to use mega kick, then scratch to defeat Bulbasaur.

Two down, two to go. Up next is Abra (level 16), who I'm sure has no actual attacks, so I switch Buzzbee back in. Teleport failed 3 times in a row, and Buzzbee needed 3 attacks with thief to defeat Abra, which isn't really known for it's defence but he beat it so lets move on. The final Pokemon in my rivals team is the ferocious Rattata (level 15), so I switch MONKEY back in to karate chop my way to victory. I did too much celebrating and forgot to get the guys name. Oh well, after that beating I probably won't see him again. Richee

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