Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke #1

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Following my success in Alola, I've decided to hone my skills in Kanto, where Pokemon greats Blue and Red became Pokemon legends. As I arrive in Pallet Town, there was another trainer waiting outside the Pokemon lab to get a Pokemon from the great Professor Oak. We are welcomed inside from one of Oak's aids to where Oak is waiting to give us a classic Pokemon in the form of Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. Oak offers me first pick and I go for Squirtle, as I have previous experience with training Tiny Turt from the Kalos region.

With Turtz in tow, I go to head out of the lab when the other trainer challenges me to a quick battle. He obviously doesn't know who he's dealing with. So Turtz vs Bulbasaur is nothing but a tackle-fest where Turtz comes out on top. With that excellent victory under my belt, I head off on my new adventure. As I walk through the grass I'm attacked by a level 5 Pidgey, but I have no pokeballs to catch it. The battle doesn't go well, as Pidgey uses sand attack repeatedly so Squirtle can't land a tackle on Pidgey. I'm forced to run away from the Pidgey. Well, this is a low point in my Pokemon career.

I reach Viridian City where I heal Turtz and head to the Pokemart to buy some potions and pokeballs. With pokeballs in tow, I head back to route 1 to catch something. I'm attacked by a level 3 Pidgey, and Turtz lands a critical hit with tackle to beat the Pidgey, so I won't be catching anything on route 1. I head into the first grassy area in route 22  to find a Mankey on level 3. Turtz manages to weaken him enough so that I can catch him and name him MONKEY.

Right, it's all good from here. I've got MONKEY up front for route 2 and I'm attacked by a Rattata on level 3, which MONKEY deals with. I ain't got no time for a Rattata. I head into Viridian Forest to see what I can catch. A level 3 Weedle? OK, I don't mind that. Both MONKEY and Turtz are poisoned in the battle, but I manage to catch Weedle and name him Buzzbee. With no antidotes on me, I head back to Viridian City to heal my team, having to use a potion on MONKEY and Turtz to make sure they don't faint from poisoning.

I battle my way through the forest with relative ease and reach Pewter City, where Brock has his gym. I heal up and head in there with Turtz out front on level 12, MONKEY on level 10 and Buzzbee on level 8. Brock has a Geodude on level 12. I decide to use withdrawl a couple of times to boost Turtz defense. Geodude gets a critical hit on his second attack, so Turtz uses bubble to defeat Geodude. Brock's final Pokemon is a level 14 Onix. Onix critical hits with tackle on Turtz, but he survives thanks to his increased defence and bubble deals with Onix. That's my first badge of this new adventure. Go me! Richee

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