Saturday, 1 April 2017

I Saw the Devil (2010) - Richee Review

So I'm a bit behind on this one. I Saw the Devil is a South Korean thriller from 2010. Starring the amazing Byung-hun Lee and the always incredible Min-sik Choi, who I would go as far as saying is the master of South Korean thriller, with films like Oldboy, Lady Vengeance and, now that I've seen it, I Saw the Devil

The story follows Byung-hun's character Kim Soo-hyeon, a secret agent who's fiancé is brutally murdered by Min-sik's crazed killer Kyung-chul. As Kim hunts down possible suspects, it doesn't take him long to catch his man. But rather then bringing him to justice or just killing him, Kim starts a sick cat and mouse chase him Kyung, stopping him from murdering a couple of possible victims and inflicting injuries on Kyung.

Kyung soon figures out how he is being tracked and seeks help from his deranged friend, who also happens to be a psycho cannibal, while planning out a way to get the ultimate revenge on Kim for daring to mess with him in such a way. 
So let's get the good points out the way first; the two leads are amazing, unsurprisingly. With no real hero, Kim leaves us questioning his methods as he may be getting his revenge, but ends up being as responsible for Kyung's actions, as he didn't stop him when he had the chance. The story is bleak but entertaining, with some excellent action scenes. Now where the film struggles is with the pacing, running for over two hours it is a depressing and long grind, which doesn't let up.

Over all, if you're a fan of South Korean cinema, check this one out, but be warned it pulls no punches and leaves you questioning who the real victor is at the end, especially with the final out come of the film. Final rating is 7/10: it's a good film, but is one I won't be watching again any time soon as it is so bleak. Richee


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