Monday, 24 April 2017

DVD Roundup: gory gory blood blood edition

The posters for The Void suggest a film heavily influenced by the horror sci-fi of the 70s and 80s, and this looks the type of movie you'll enjoy if you you are into old school gore. Utilising practical effects to create some pretty intense look body horror, The Void sees a group of mysterious cloaked people open up a gate to hell in a hospital, resulting in a film that's at once a successful because of its homage-ing and a victim to it.

Notes on Blindness sounds like a heart breaking docu-drama, as it tells the story of writer John Hull who went blind before the birth of his son, and who documented the process. Very highly rated, Notes on Blindness may be a hard watch at times, but proves to be an inspirational meditation on working through seemingly devastating changes.

Bloody Muscle Bodybuilder in Hell. Whoa! What a title! Also called The Japanese Evil Dead, the film came out originally in 2009, but has just been released in the UK on DVD. As you can probably imagine from its multiple titles, a body builder goes to a cabin in the woods and gets haunted by a 30 year old ghost. Featuring the gory and surreal horror that's become a mainstay in Japanese cinema, this looks like a fun schlocky movie to waste 65 minutes.

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