Sunday, 9 April 2017

Death Road to Canada - Richee Review

I first came across Death Road to Canada through the YouTuber Sips. After watching his video, I hoped that the game might get a release to console, as I lack a gaming PC. It never made it to console, but it did make it to the Apple app store. I was excited to get a chance to play this zombie road trip game. Not being put off at the £8.99 price, I downloaded, created my own little character, and tried to make it to Canada.

So I'm not gonna hang around here. I struggled with this game. It can be brutally hard. I think I've tried twenty-odd times to get to Canada and each time I've failed, making it to day 14 at most. I don't mind a challenge, but this game can be brutal, with weapons snapping almost immediately after you've purchased them, in an exchange for precious foods, and not really knowing what weapons do the most damage, as they all seem to random in how many shots it takes. 
The controls for my fat thumbs can also be an issue. Trying to move in a panic can, now and then, just not pick up what I want to do, leaving my character still and prone to attack, and as soon as you're surrounded it's game over. I also had issues attacking with melee weapons, as my character will be turned at the wrong angle and miss a crucial attack.

One thing I enjoyed is the random wackiness of the game. It's got a silly charm about it, plus it looks good with it's pixelated graphics. I just can't get over how bloody hard it is, so hard in fact I've kinda given up on it, as it's not that fun to fail repeatedly and seem to make no progress in the game ever. It's always a struggle, and when you think you've got it sussed, the two katanas you brought will break really quickly, leaving you with the shotgun which seems extremely underpowered. Those katanas cost me 5 food, dammit!
Final score is a 6/10: it's enjoyable at first, but soon grows tedious as you fail over and over again, while not really learning how to do things differently or what weapons to grab. Now the biggest reason for a 6/10 is that the price, in my opinion, is far too much. If I knew now what I knew then I wouldn't have brought this game, and I cannot recommend it at that price. If it ever goes down to £3.99 then give it a go, but right now don't waste your money.  Richee

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