Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Richee's Thoughts on Legion Episode 6 + 7

So after missing an episode last week, I'm having to do a double bill here. Starting with episode 6, the episode revolves around the group being stuck in the mental hospital as Lenny treats them. Syd is sceptical about everything she has seen though. She picks up on certain things that don't seem right. While the group carry on as they are, Oliver comes out of his ice cube haven to help out the team get out of this alternate dimension, while also trying to figure out how to save Syd and David from a hail of bullets in the frozen real world. 

This is another good episode, with Aubrey Plaza stealing the show as the unhinged and eerie Lenny, enjoying the power David has giving her, or him I should say, as she is just another form of the Demon with Yellow Eyes. E

Next, episode 7 shows you the out come of a few events from episode 6, as Oliver explains to Cary about the plan while Kerry is being hunted by The Eye.
This episode is amazing for the cinematography. Syd is given a pair of glasses so she can see what is real in the alternate dimension created by Lenny, which turns everything black and white and silent, including title cards, and it works so well and looks awesome. While this is happening, Oliver attempts to save Syd and David from the hail of gun fire using his mutant power of... music?... which creates a barrier out of the tones.

We also get double David fun, as he helps himself figure out what is actually going on in his head, and we get our first glimpse of Professor Xavier in chalk form. David also finds the power to take on the Demon with Yellow Eyes to reclaim his body. We also find out the name of the Demon with Yellow Eyes, which is Farooq, or the Shadow King.
Episode 7 was amazing. It looked good and it finally put together a lot of the story, plus we got a cliff hanger for the season finale next week, with D3 finally catching up to our heroes, leaving us with what's sure to be an explosive finale. This show is so much better then I thought it would be, even with Dan Stevens as David. This is hopefully a good sign of things to come for the X-Men franchise. Richee

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