Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Richee's Thoughts on Legion Episode 5

Well, episode 5 picks up pretty quick. David has a mysterious new swag about himself, as he seems to have mastered some of his powers, and creates his own mind palace allowing him and Syd the chance to get physical. David also decides he has waited long enough to rescue his sister Amy, taking off in the middle of the night to take on D3 by himself.

As Melanie and the gang go after David they turn up to find David has slaughtered all the D3 soldiers. Going through the compound, finding more and more dead members of D3, Melanie and Rudy find the security monitors and witness David taking down D3 and see what David has become on a infrared camera. David has taken Amy back to there childhood home, knowing that Amy has a secret from David.

As the gang struggle to understand what is going on, and the Eye is in close pursuit, David is forced to use his powers to protect himself, giving Syd an unwanted close up to the Yellow Eyed Demon. Then back into the mental hospital, to really confuse my ass.

I really enjoyed this episode. The action is all seen in the monitors, and getting the first proper terrifying look at the Demon with Yellow Eyes. David also shows how much power he can wield (or who ever is controlling him?). So I'm still none the wiser of what is going on. I kinda have my theories, but I won't get into that here. With only three episodes to go in this series, I'm really intrigued to see how this winds up.

The one downside to the show was finding out Bryan Singer is an executive producer. Even with that, I'm enjoying it and all the characters. Also (spoiler's), David is adopted, so I'm really hoping we might get Charles Xavier as David's father. Only time will tell. Richee

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