Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Richee's Thoughts on Legion Episode 4

We finally got Jemaine Clement in Legion as the campy Oliver Bird, husband to Melanie, who is stuck in the astral plain where David finds himself. While David is stuck in limbo, Oliver talks to him about David's personnel monster, the Demon With Yellow Eyes, but David has no recollection of the Demon at this time, with the Demon somehow blocking David's memories of him. David can't handle Oliver's taste in music and somewhat over bearing ways, so takes off into the astral plain.

While David is unconscious, Syd, Ptonomy and Kerry try to figure out what is real from David's memories, hunting out his ex girl friend and former psychiatrist for answers, but The Eye is close on their tails with the henchman from D3.
Again this series is slowly coming together, unravelling what is true and what isn't true from David's memories, revealing something from his childhood, and something about his deceased friend Lenny who is still haunting his mind, and might be more then just an annoying reminder of his past.

I'm really enjoying this series. I've stopped caring so much about what I thought I knew about the Legion story and I'm now fully invested in this show. If you're looking for something a little different on TV, I highly recommend this. It's not for everyone but I'm enjoying it. Mind you, with Dan Stevens and Jemaine Clement, I might be a bit biased. Richee

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