Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Richee's Thoughts on Legion Episode 3

Well more of the same this week, as Dr Melanie and Ptonomy try to figure out how much power David truly has. With David still unable to control his memories, they sedate him, hoping to weaken his mind and the powers stopping them from discovering the truth. Syd also ventures into David mind, wanting to be there for him, but worries David about what she may think about his past.

While this is going on, Division 13 are trying to get answers from Amy (David's sister) about where David could be. David is able to transport himself and Syd there to view his sisters dilemma, in some sort of astral form. But the mysterious character known only as The Eye can still see them.
When the team heads into David's memories while he is sedated, the show takes a darker turn, as the Devil with Yellow Eyes and the World's Angriest Boy seem to have a lot more power to torment our heroes. Even with this risky move, they get no further figuring out what David can truly do, or how to trigger it.

So again, a solid episode where I actually feared for the cast, thinking Melanie was going to meet her end when being stuck alone in David's head with both horrors. However, the advert for what must be next weeks episode caught my attention, as everyones favourite Kiwi Jermaine Clemet is being introduced to the show, which has got me looking forward to next weeks episode, despite us not finding out anymore about David's back story this week. Richee

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