Saturday, 11 March 2017

Richee Rage - Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 12

Enough is enough! I can't take no more! Season 7 of The Walking Dead has been extremely disappointing, especially if you've read the comic story arc. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is awesome as Negan, and Steve Ogg showing up as a Saviour had me hyped for the show, but tedious episode after tedious episode has left me wanting more from a show which I think is running out of steam.

So episode 12 pushed me over the edge. The coincidence that somehow Rick and Michone manage to find a run down fun fair which was being used as an army base, so there's lots of food for the group and weapons on the army zombies... just what they need! And the fact that they decide to stick around to get the weapons on their own, rather then going back to Alexandria to round up the troops, and maybe drop off some food supplies that they must be surely lacking in Alexandria.
So Rick and Michone go out to fight the undead; this has to be my biggest peev this season, which is how weak and worthless the walkers are. They easily fight off around thirty walkers, with Rick only getting in trouble due to his own stupidity, then when Michone thinks the worst has happened to Rick, she drops her sword and gives up, looking like she was going to let the walkers kill her. THIS IS NOT MICHONE! MICHONE IS A FUCKING BAD ASS WHO WOULD RAGE RATHER THEN JUST GIVE UP!

Sorry, got angry there. I get slightly annoyed when they just fuck up a character like this. It comes to a climax when we find out Rick is OK after all (shock horror). He throws Michone her sword in a slow-mo action scene for her to kill the approaching walkers. This scene felt so out of place for this series, a semi realistic interpretation of a zombie apocalypse, and yes, I know there's a pet tiger in this series. And don't even get me started on that deer CGI.
So other then two of the main characters being idiots, we also get Rosetta still planning to kill Negan (no offence, but if you can't kill him when he is standing right in front of you, then you should give up). Then the other side story, with the unbearable Tara really pondering if she should tell Rick and the group about the other group who tried to kill her, because one of them wasn't a dick. She wonders this by talking to baby Judith about it. 

This episode was a combination of awful story telling and really crap visual effects. The one up side was the trailer for next weeks episode with the Kingdom. But this season better end in something spectacular or I think I'm done with The Walking Dead. If it ends with Tara's death, then yay. Richee

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