Friday, 31 March 2017

Iron Fist Episode 7-13 Thoughts and Review

Spoilers beware!

Well it's with a sad heart that I have to say that Iron Fist didn't get any better. We get the surprise twist of Colleen being a member of the Hand. Danny struggles with this development and goes off with his pal Davos, a monk of Kung Lun, who feels bitter towards Danny because he wanted to be the Iron Fist. We also meet another "villain" in Bakuto, Colleen's sensei and leader of the Hand, or one of the many chapters of the Hand at least.

The best fight involving Danny Rand was his fight with Zhou Cheng, played by Lewis Tan, who uses the drunken monkey fighting style. We also see how good Harold's healing ability is when he not only grows his little finger back, but also comes back from the dead again. In the final episode, Danny has to go up against the D.E.A. as they believe he is the one bringing heroin in to New York, thanks to Harold. 
 Now the biggest problem, in my opinion, of this series has to fall on Finn Jones as Danny Rand. He was just so boring, so vanilla, and he wasn't entertaining when he wasn't in a fight. As I'm talking about fighting, this was done so poorly, as nearly every fight seemed to be done in pitch black, so it was hard to follow some of what was going on. Back to Danny Rand; he had no swag nor charisma. I know having too many smart asses in one genre is cliche, but so is having a superhero who is a millionaire with dead parents. The one thing I liked about Iron Fist is that he's cocky.

I feel like this series was missing Luke Cage. They could have got this entire series done in half the time and done some Heroes for Hire with the second half, and make the series moderately entertaining. I also didn't enjoy Claire Temple in this. Rosario Dawson felt tacked on and brought nothing to the plot and had no impact to the story as a whole. Also, the Meachum's, all of them, are just so blah. They're all jerks and I don't care about any of them, and as they were half the story it got really tedious.

The one upside was Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing. She was an enjoyable character with some awesome fight scenes. I felt the character lagged towards the end, as she just became a side kick to Iron Fist rather then having her own story. 

I feel this was the weakest series of the recent Netflix connection. I don't feel Iron Fist is really that entertaining to warrant his own show, but I'm still looking forward to the team up with Luke Cage and hoping that there won't be another Iron Fist solo series. I couldn't have eye rolled any harder when at the end of episode 13, Davos and Joy are talking about killing Iron Fist. At least Ward kinda had a turning point and grew into a better person, but Joy is just such a flip-flopping character. It just really annoyed me.

Final rating for Iron Fist is 5/10: it is a bland average series. Every episode feels long and the series as a whole was just not that enjoyable. But the character can get better and I hope he does, just fingers crossed next series focus on fighting over office nonsense, and shows us a god damn dragon, you jerks I want some Fin Fang Foom! I don't care how silly it is, you bring up dragons, give me dragons. Richee

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