Friday, 24 March 2017

Iron Fist Episode 1-6 - Richee Thoughts

Well we finally got the last member of the Defenders up on Netflix. Iron Fist, lagging way behind the other Defenders, he has finally showed up for his own adventure. Danny Rand returns to New York to get back control of Rand Enterprises, which is currently under control from childhood friend Joy and her brother Ward Meachum. His appearance and long absence has them doubting he truly is Danny Rand, who they believe to be dead, along with his parents after a plane crash in the Himalayas.

Danny also happens to be the Living Weapon, the immortal Iron Fist, sworn enemy to the Hand, so when he learns of their misdeeds in New York, he makes it his mission to defeat them while trying to do the humane thing at Rand Enterprises. Danny meets the bad ass Colleen Wing, a master of a local dojo, who kinda helps him along in the beginning, then more so as an ally, trying to defeat The Hand when Danny discoveries that they may be smuggling in heroin into the docks owned by Rand Enterprises.
So this show got quite a bit of flack when it got first released. I didn't really look into what the complaints were, but having watched the first four episodes my main issue is that each episode feels long with very slow pacing. It takes a while to get going. Joy and Ward don't take Danny's return well and treat him quite badly through out the first few episodes, actually drugging him and putting him in mental hospital for the entire second episode. So Joy's friendship with Danny feels a little odd, as I'm not sure about her, as she seems at times like a complete bitch, but then other times like a friend.

Colleen Wing had the best parts out of the first five episodes. Struggling with money, she takes part in a couple of cage fights to make some extra money (which shows how bad ass she is). Other then that, the action is few and far between. In fact, except Colleen cage fighting and a fight between Danny and the Hand in a lift, the show is lacking in good action scenes. That is until episode six, where Danny has to fight through six challengers to rescue a young girl from The Hand.
So far, this series is feeling like the weakest link to the franchise, but there is definitely a possibility for the show to get better. I like all the actors involved at this point. It's got a more realistic vibe, as the ability of the Iron Fist is used sparingly to offer more peril. The lack of any real villain, like Kingpin, Purple Man or Cotton Mouth, could be where this show fails in the end, but 7 episodes to go, I'll just have to wait and see. Richee

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