Monday, 27 February 2017

Underated Gem - Bill Paxton Edition

Today saw the passing of one of my favourite actors, Bill Paxton,who was in lots of great franchises through out the years. The first film I saw Bill Paxton in is still one of my favourite films today in Aliens, playing the mouthy trouble maker Private Hudson. Paxton was a stand out character in a film packed full of talent, with brilliant one liners, "Game over man, game over". to his final bad ass last stand with the xenomorphs where he is pulled through the floor.

Paxton also appeared in the first Terminator and was in the critically panned Predator 2, which, to be fair, isn't as bad as people say. Roles in the campy True Lies and a starring role in Apollo 13 would highlight his great range from playing  both a silly sleazy character to a serious character, and even a bad ass action star. He would go on to star in one of the few good disaster movies ever made in Twister, and then James Cameron's award winning Titanic.
Paxton would carry on acting in multiple films and shows, but nothing to the standard of his work in the '90s, having roles in the Spy Kids sequels, and Club Dredd kept Paxton firmly placed in the more silly roles he was so good at. It wasn't really until his role in Nightcrawler that we were reminded how great Paxton is in serious roles. He is also starring in the new Training Day TV series, which I haven't seen yet but I'm looking forward to watching.

Bill Paxton has got such a great back catalogue of films. There are still some I want to see, including The Edge of Tomorrow and Colony. I'm also intrigued to see Frailty, one of two feature films directed by Paxton, which sounds like an interesting thriller.

Bill Paxton may have passed away, but he will never be forgotten. Our sympathies go out to his family and friends at this sad time. Richee

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