Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Richees Blind Pokemon Sun Adventure Finale

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So with the Elite Four defeated, I'm officially the champion of Alola. With great power comes a lot of pain in the ass responsibilities though. Kukui has decided to challenged me for my crown. I accepted, but if I win he has to put on a damn shirt. Kukui has Lycanroc out first to take on The Star. The Star uses brine to do some serious damage. Lycanroc uses crunch to do similar damage. Another brine defeats Lycanroc and gives me a good start.

Kukui has Magnezone out next, so I switch in Sal. Flamethrower takes Magnezone down to below half health. Magnezone uses thunder wave, but it misses. Another flamethrower puts Magnezone down. Kukui has Snorlax out next... this could be a problem. I send in my heavy hitter Mukka to deal with the problem. Mukka uses minimize, but Snorlax uses heavy slam to deal some damage. Mukka follows up with brick break to do some damage, but another heavy slam defeats Mukka.

I send Sal back in to poison this nuisance, so Sal uses toxic while Snorlax uses high horsepower to do huge damage, taking Sal down to one health. I leave Sal out there to use sludge bomb, using the move three times in a row, while Snorlax either misses his attack or it does no damage at all. Sal got to the stage where the next attack will defeat Snorlax until Kukui used a full restore. I switch back to toxic to make sure Snorlax takes damage over time. 
I switch in Skar to see if he fairs any better. High horse power doesn't effect Skar so that's alright. Three night slashes later, Snorlax is defeated, while Skar took three crunches. Out next for Kukui is Ninetails, so I switch to Nebby. Ninetails uses safe guard to make sure it can't be critically hit. Nebby uses flare blitz and doesn't need to hit critical to beat Ninetails in one hit. Kukui has Primarina as his next Pokemon. I'm not sure what to expect, so I send in Toro to use his electric type Z move and defeat Primarina. I did feel a bit cheap using the Z move here though.

Kukui is down to his last Pokemon, while I have five left. Kukui has Braviary last, so I keep with Toro to use wild charge. Braviary uses tail wind, which didn't do too much damage. Braviary went first in the next round, using brave bird to deal huge damage to Toro, but not enough. Another wild charge defeats Braviary and puts Kukui in his place.

I'm the champ of Alola with my awesome team of Mukka (level 62), Sal (level 62), Toro (level 61), The Star (level 60), Nebby (level 57), and Skar (level 56). After being added to the hall of fame, my team and I headed back to Iki town for another festival. While here I decided it was time to go and catch Tapu Koko. The match was long. I took Tapu Koko health right down, and had Mukka max out his evasion so I could throw as many pokeballs as necessary at him. I must get into the forties with how many pokeballs I use on him. I don't want to waste my master ball on him.
The match goes on for so long, however, that Tapu Koko runs out of moves and uses struggle to knock itself out. I leave bitter about how much of a jerk Tapu Koko is. I'm visited by Hau who tells me Lillie is heading to Kanto to try and cure Lusamine. Kanto is famous for the rise of great trainers like Red and Blue. Hmmm... Maybe I should pay a visit to Kanto? Richee

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