Saturday, 4 February 2017

Richees Blind Pokemon Sun Adventure #20

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I revive Mukka and heal up my team. I head into the next room to find Kahuna Olivia. It seems the Kahuna's have been getting promoted. I have The Star leading the attack as Olivia uses Relicanth. Ice beam and dazzling gleam do little damage to Relicanth as he wastes turns using yawn, twice. Olivia is first to switch out, putting Probopass in. I switch The Star out, as he is napping, and send in Nebby. Probopass uses sandstorm, while Nebby uses sunsteel strike for semi decent damage. 

Probopass used thunder wave to paralyse Nebby. Nebby would go on to be paralysed for two attacks while Probopass uses earth power, causing huge damage to Nebby. I get frustrated with the ailment on Nebby and use Nebby's steel type Z move, which doesn't defeat Probopass, who then defeats Nebby with earth power. I send The Star back in, who is awake and ready to go, and with brine ends Probopass.

Lycanroc is out next for Olivia. I stick with The Star and brine, which does huge damage. Lycanroc uses crunch and luckily it misses, giving The Star another brine to take down Lycanroc. Olivia has Golem out next and, forgetting I'm in Alola, keep with The Star. I forgot Golem has an electric side (D'oh!). I stick with brine to do damage to Golem, who uses thunder punch. The Star survives it and gets another win with a second brine. 
Carbink is out next for Olivia. I switch The Star out. He's done me proud this match, and I send in Sal. Sal uses toxic to poison Carbink, who uses power gem, hitting Sal hard and taking him down to 1 health. I keep with Sal and use sludge bomb, but Carbinks rock side protects her from poison attacks. Sal fights through the next power gem, and I switch in Toro. Toro uses smart strike to do huge damage, taking a moon blast in the process. Another smart strike defeats Carbink.

Olivia sends Relicanth back in, using full restore straight away. Toro uses smart strike for decent damage. Toro uses wild charge with disappointing results. Relicanth uses yawn to make Toro drowzy. Another smart strike before Toro falls asleep wasn't enough to defeat Relicanth, who uses hydro pump and which Toro just survives. I switch in Skar to finish off Relicanth and Olivia with that.

So with Nebby revived and the team fully healed, I head on to the final Elite Four member. I find Acerola, the ghost type trainer, the same trainer who sent me after Mimikyu, the one who broke my nuzlocke challenge. I'm gonna enjoy wiping the floor with Acerola. I have The Star out first, and Acerola has Sableye out first. Sableye uses fake out to make The Star flinch and miss his go. The Star gets to go first this time, nearly one hitting Sableye with dazzling gleam. Sableye uses shadow claw to deal huge damage to The Star, but not enough. The Star finishes Sableye off with another dazzling gleam.
Acerola uses Dhelmise next. I've know nothing about Dhelmise, so I switch Sal in. Wow! An anchor? That is weird... I bring Sal back, thinking Dhelmise would be a water type (It's grass, D'oh!), and send in Toro. Dhelmise uses shadow ball for it's free turn, which doesn't effect Toro. Toro uses wild charge, which did little damage. Dhelmise used energy ball for impressive damage. Toro uses zen headbutt next, but that doesn't effect Dhelmise. Another energy ball hits and I call Toro back.

I send in my ace in the hole, Mukka. Dhelmise used energy ball for little damage. Mukka uses crunch to defeat Dhelmise. Acerola has Palossand out next. I'm aware of Palossand's ground typing so switch Mukka out with Skar. Skar uses night slash for huge damage on Palossand, who uses shadow ball for huge damage, too. I wasn't expecting that, as flying types should be immune to ghost attacks. Before Skar can finish the match off, Palossand used it's Z move to defeat Skar.

I send The Star back in to finish the match with ice beam, which puts Palossand down. Acerola has Froslass out next, so I switch Sal back in to use his Z move. For some reason Froslass went first, using shadow ball for huge damage, but Sal hits his Z move to defeat Froslass in one hit. Acerola is down to her last Pokemon in Drifblim. I switch back to Mukka, who crunches Drifblim into submission and beats the final member of the Elite Four. Does this make me the champ now? Richee

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