Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Richees Blind Pokemon Sun Adventure #19

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I've finally reached the Pokemon League. I just need to deal with the Elite Four and be announced as champion. There are four different rooms for the Elite Four, and I'm not sure which type is behind each door, so I head into the green room thinking it might be a grass type trainer. I have Skar out front and head on in. Behind the door I find Kahili, the flying type trainer, so I was super wrong at the trainers types.

The match starts with Skarmory vs Skar, so I withdrew Skar knowing this match up would be super boring and send in Nebby. Skarmory has a free attack and uses spikes. Nebby goes for flare blitz to hit hard on Skarmory. Kahili uses full restore on Skarmory. Nebby switched to crunch to try and finish off Skarmory, but the full restore drags it out for one more flare blitz to beat Skarmory.

Out next for Kahili is Mandibuzz. I switch in The Star ,who took damage from the spikes but with ice beam makes short work of Mandibuzz. Toucannon is out next, bringing back the memory of Woody and what could have been. I stick with The Star knowing ice beam will make short work of any flying types. Toucannon had a Z move at it's disposal though and one hit The Star. I switch in Toro to use wild charge. Toucannon uses beak blast and burns Toro. Another wild charge beats Toucannon.

Kahili has Oricorio out next. I keep with Toro and look for the quick win with our own Z move. Even though it's super effective, Oricorio some how survived. Toro uses thrash to defeat Oricorio, but then falls to his burn. Nooooooooo! Kahili's last Pokemon is Crobat. With the loss of Toro I send in Mukka. Crobat uses supersonic straight off the bat, causing Mukka to hit himself two times in a row, while Crobat uses air slash. If they're playing the cheap game so will I, switching to minimize, with Crobat missing air slash and another supersonic. With Mukka's evasion up I switch back to crunch, defeating Crobat in two hits, only taking one swift in the process.

So one down, but I lost two of my main team in the process. I decide to revive The Star and Toro, as I know I'm gonna need them to get through this. I head through a random door to find former Kahuna Hala. I have Skar out first still and Hala has Hariyama out first, reminding me of another former companion in Mac. Two aerial aces by Skar defeats Hariyama and only takes a small amount of damage from a close combat.

Crabominable is out next for Kala so I switch to The Star. Psychic hits super hard, nearly one hitting Crabominable who uses close combat to take The Star down by half his life. The Star uses brine, but before it lands Hala uses full restore. Brine did more damage then I thought it would though. The Star sticks with brine but Hala switches Crabominable out for Poliwrath. With brine not working against Poliwrath, it takes two psychics to take down Poliwrath, who also dealt out two waterfalls. Hala has Primeape out next. I stick with The Star and one hit Primeape with psychic.
Ah, crap... Hala has Bewear. I switch in Mukka to deal with this pain in the butt. Mukka uses minimize as Bewear goes straight for the kill using hammer arm. Mukka uses two more minimizes to max out his evasion while Bewear misses two hammer arms. With evasion up Mukka uses a brick break, which does nothing but is super effective. Bewear must have a ridiculous defence stat. Hammer arm hits and again does too much damage for my liking. It would have surely defeated Mukka, if he didn't have his black sludge. 

I switch to poison jab, poisoning Bewear in the process. Hala uses full heal to get rid of Bewear's ailment. Mukka goes between brick break trying to lower Bewear's defence and poison jab trying to poison Bewear again while dodging what ever Bewear uses. Just before Mukka could get the winning blow, Hala used full restore (because this match hasn't gone on long enough). With Bewear being weak though, he was easily finished off. Leaving Hala with his weakened Crabominable, I leave Mukka in there with his evasion at max. Crabominable uses its Z move to defeat Mukka (seriously??). I switch in Skar to finish off Crabominable and defeat the second of the Elite Four. Richee

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