Thursday, 2 February 2017

Richee's Anomalisa (2016) Review

Anomalisa was released last year, which looked like an interesting concept with a very interesting look about it. So as soon as it come out on Netflix, me and The Layla put it on our to-watch list. The film follows Michael and his stay in a hotel as he prepares to give a talk on customer services. Michael finds himself searching out a little company while he stays in the hotel. This leads him to meet Lisa, a customer services worker, who is there to attend his speech.

So where do I start? The stop motion puppets looked interesting from the trailer, but ended up really off putting when actually watching the film. A stop motion penis and a really awkward sex scene really hammered home how much of a bad idea stop motion was for this film. Then the fact there was only three voice actors in the film, David Thewlis as Michael, Jennifer Jason Leigh as Lisa and Tom Noonan as everybody else. 

With Tom Noonan voicing everybody else it really threw me for a loop, as he is using the same voice for every character being man, woman or child. This had me thinking Michael was gay at the beginning, until I realised, no, it's just all the same actor. You find out why it's the same actor later on, but it just felt really weird until I found out why they were all the same voice.
Now on to the story. I'm not gonna beat about the puppet bush here; I found the films story so boring, with every scene feeling long, tedious and dragged out. Some of the dialogue was terrible, sprouting "fuck" over and over again. like some one who's just found out it's a naughty word their allowed to use. The film gets interesting half way through when you find out why Michael is doing what he's doing, but after a couple of interesting and intense scenes the film goes back to being bland.

So if you hadn't of guessed, I didn't enjoy Anomalisa, and thanked my lucky stars I didn't watch this in the cinema. As much as I appreciate original films, this was one I couldn't get into. It got a lot of hype and high ratings, but I just couldn't find anything redeeming about this film. Final rating is a 2/10; this film bored me through almost it's one and a half hour run time. I wouldn't recommend this to the average Joe. Seems more of a arty type film. Maybe Layla will have a different opinion? Richee


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