Saturday, 25 February 2017

Gullible Richee watches After Earth

Well, it happened. I foolishly watched After Earth after a YouTuber, who shall remain nameless, said it wasn't a bad film and it gets a bad rap. I've avoided all things Shyamalan since The Village, which I thought was garbage. Plus, lets face it, the reviews for Shyamalan's latest films have not been good, so I was apprehensive going in, but it's free on Netflix so I thought why not.

The film takes place in the future with the Earth being evacuated after the human race destroyed it. The story follows CYPHER RAIGE, who is going to retire as nova prime after one last job, and he decides to take his mopey son Kitai, who just failed his ranger exams (because he's a jerk), with him so they can become closer. The ship runs into problems and they ship crash land on Earth with CYPHER RAIGE breaking both his legs, leaving Kitai to try and signal their fleet.

I don't know where to start with this one. In my opinion, everything bad you've heard is true. Will Smith playing CYPHER RAIGE is possibly the worst Smith has ever been. Playing a character who has virtually no emotions just made him dull and bland. Then with Jaden Smith, his own son playing his on screen son, there is just no chemistry between the two. The dialogue is awful and Jaden isn't half the actor his father is.

The story is bland and predictable. The main antagonist is a monster bred to hunt humans with only one downfall: it can only hunt by sensing fear. It's not a badly designed monster, it's possibly the best thing about the film. But even with it looking badass, if it's one weakness is it can't see you unless you're scared, is it really that scary?

So final verdict is a 3/10. It's a bad film, not Shyamalan's worst, but still not a good film. If you're intrigued to see Will Smith looking like a bad actor then check this out. Here's hoping Split is better then this, not that I'm gonna rush out to see it. Richee

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