Friday, 17 February 2017

Four endings that would RUIN Game of Thrones

Whether your a recent viewer of the TV show of an avid fan of of George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series, it won't take you long before you start surmising what the ultimate ending to Game of Thrones could be. With only two more short season's left in the works, it seems like everyone is trying to guess the ending to this radical story. It truly is a fan-theorists dream. Will Daenerys take the throne in Westeros? Will Jon Snow ever learn the truth of his parentage? And when is someone going to take those White Walkers seriously? No doubt the ending will be epic, but we at His and Hers have decided to wonder what could possibly happen to make us hate this show. Let us know what endings you'd despise in the comments below.


Remember the last episode of The Sopranos, where it just seemed to end mid scene? It would seem strange and anti-climatic to end such an expansive story in a blasé way. While I don't think it will end on a bang, so to say, and will probably have lots of smaller endings, I believe we'll have a very meaningful and sombre conclusion, but if it ends with Tyrion small talking with a prostitute, walking off to get some port, and then it suddenly ending, I'll be mad.


Is there anything more annoying then becoming invested in a huge story, only to be told that none of it matters, and it was all the whimsy of some deep sleepers dream? And what's more annoying is that there is a very, very small chance that this could happen, however remotely, because young Bran went into a comatosed state after being pushed out of a Winterfell tower by Jaime Lannister. What if its all the delusion of a small boy, high on milk of the poppy? It makes my soul shudder.


In 2015, two films came out within weeks of each other with the same trite ending; Jurassic World and San Andreas. Right as these two films were rounding up, a main character just looked at the other and said "So, what do we do now?" It sounded like the script writer thinking out loud. It frustrated the hell out of me, and really left these thoroughly average movies on an even more sour note. Could you imagine Jon Snow just looking at Arya or whoever, after an epic battle and revealing ending, just shrugging and going, "meh, suppose we could do something else now." It would make my blood boil.


I know there was a Medieval World in the original Westworld film, but revealing that Westeros is just an amusement park for rich people... surely unforgivable. What's even more shocking is that George R. R. Martin actually suggested this idea himself. Now, I know Martin is a seasoned sci-fi writer, so maybe suggesting some unexpected, otherworldly twist wouldn't be too far out of the blue, but to unveil the truth, that everything we have grown to love is just the machinations of some high-functioning Chessington World of Adventures? Martin, you crazy.

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