Saturday, 7 January 2017

Richess Blind Pokemon Sun Adventure #12

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As I wake, Tauros is standing over, me protecting me from any danger. I slowly get to my feet with the help of Tauros and notice my entire team is missing. They must still be in the lair of Mimikyu. I climb on to Tauros and ride to the nearest pokecentre. I reach the centre and pull the riding gear off Tauros. He will lead my team from here, and I name him Toro and catch him with a pokeball. Nurse Joy is able to retrieve my fallen team from the abandoned supermarket, and I release them to the wild and take out The Star. Now I just need to train.

I head to Volcano Park to train up The Star. As we defeat fire type after fire type, I'm attacked by a shiny Salandit. I pick my jaw up off the ground and send in Tauros to weaken the it. Now in a pokeball, I name him Sal. I can't believe I've caught another shiny! Over joyed, I continue to train my team, and the three of them grow stronger and stronger, but I still doubt my chances of defeating the Mimikyu/Gengar combo.
I decide to head to the Outer Cape to get the Pokemon I came here for; an Alolan Grimer. It doesn't take long for one to appear and I easily catch it. I name him Mukka, now I just need to evolve him. The grind goes on until Mukka evolves into Muk. I also used a water stone to evolve The Star into Starmie. I go grab Hart and Finn as cannon fodder, and make the long walk back to the abandoned supermarket.

Mukka destroys the trio of Gastly, Haunter and Gengar as I head for the back door. I check my team; Toro and Sal have reached level 40, Mukka level 38, The Star level 35, Finn is 29 and Hart is 28. I have Toro out first to have intimidate weaken Mimikyu straight away. I've done my research this time. Mimikyu starts the battle with play rough (didn't see that coming). Toro takes it like a champ and uses bulldoze to break Mimikyu's disguise. Haunter is summoned in at the end of the turn, but I'm not concerned with him... yet. I activate Toro's steel type Z move, corkscrew crush, to take Mimikyu's health down by over half.

Another play rough by Mimikyu is shrugged off, and Haunter uses hypnosis to put Toro to sleep. I switch in Hart to not risk one of my main team. Again, Haunter uses hypnosis and Mimikyu uses mimic, which fails. Haunter doesn't waste another go, using night shade to defeat Hart. I send in Mukka next to minimize his way to a win. He takes both a play rough and night shade before he can raise his evasion, night shade, but Mimikyu's play rough hit again to take Mukka down to half life. With another minimize, though, they shouldn't be able to hit Mukka.
I was wrong. Even with evasion being boosted 4 times, another play rough hits and that annoying Haunter uses hypnosis to put Mukka to sleep. Some how Toro has awoken and I send him back out. Intimidation weakens both Mimikyu and Haunter. Haunters night shade fails and Mimikyu used play rough again. Toro charges into action using smart strike before Mimikyu or Haunter can do anything. Smart strike hits and defeats Mimikyu. Haunter panics and misses his hypnosis attack. Toro rears back and uses zen headbutt to defeat Haunter. 

I exit the building to bump into the champion. She checks my pictures to see that I defeated Mimikyu this time. She congratulates me and gives me permission to catch a ghost type from the abandoned supermarket, so I head back in one more time to catch a Haunter who I name Hauntz. Richee


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