Saturday, 28 January 2017

Richees Blind Pokemon Sun Adventure #18

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So the island challenge is done, Lusamine is rescued; just the championship to win now. Lillie thinks I should take Nebby with me to take on the Elite Four. Of course I need to catch him in a battle though. I send out Mukka to take on Nebby. Nebby and Mukka both use crunch. On the second attack Nebby used zen headbutt, but that doesn't effect Mukka. Another crunch from Mukka leaves Nebby in perfect catching condition, so I use a dusk ball to catch Nebby. I put Nebby in my main team, and feel I'm ready for the Elite Four.

I bump into Nanu, who offers to take me to mount Lanakila and the newly made Victory Road. I'm stuck waiting for the lift when Gideon turns up looking for a battle to test his skills. I still have Mukka out first, and Gideon uses Crobat. Mukka uses crunch, Crobat uses acrobatics, and hail coming from the mountains hits both Pokemon (that's gonna be annoying). Another crunch by Mukka defeats Crobat.
Up next for Gideon is Silvally, the evolved form of Null. I send in Nebby for his first pokemon battle. Silvally used crunch. Nebby tries sunsteel strike which didn't do much damage. Silvally keeps with crunch and Nebby also uses crunch. This is not going well, so I send in Skar. He takes a crunch, which did very little damage. Skar uses aerial ace, Silvally kept with crunch, another aerial ace finishes Silvally off.

Gideon has Lucario out next. I send out The Star. After two psychics by The Star, Gideon withdraws Lucarion and sends in Weaville. I switch in Sal to take on Weaville. Sal uses his Z move, which is a fire attack, and Weaville is defeated. Lucario is Gideon's last Pokemon and The Star finishes off with one more psychic to give me the win over Gideon.
I reach Victory Road and head in to get attacked by a Golbat. I catch him and name him Batz. As I reach the end of Victory Road, Hau is waiting for me. He has also completed his island challenge and wants to fight the Elite Four, but only one of us can go first, so we battle to decide who it's gonna be. Mukka is my main, so he takes the lead against Raichu. Raichu uses thunderbolt to paralyze Mukka, but Mukka has enough in him to hit crunch on Raichu and defeat him.

Kolmala is out next for Hau, so I switch in Toro. I'm not sure what Komala is or knows, so I use Toro's Z power to defeat Komala. Hau uses Vaporeon next, which seems silly as I just used an electric attack. I use wild charge to one hit Vaporeon. Hau only has his starter left, Decidueye. I send in Nebby to give him another chance in a battle. Nebby uses flamethrower to do massive damage to Decidueye. Decidueye uses smackdown to do some decent damage. but Nebby's second flamethrower defeats Decidueye and Hau. Richee

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