Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Richees Blind Pokemon Sun Adventure #17

 Nihilego and Lusamine drawing by iSuisei

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With Hapu defeated, I head inside the Poni canyon to find what should be the last Totem Pokemon. I bump into the Alolan Dugtrio and catch them, because why not? I show my age by naming them Hanson. I battle through the canyon to get Skar up to level 50. I bump into Lillie who heals my team for me before my battle with the totem, defeating Jangmo-o and Hakamo-o as I go.

I reach the end of the tunnel where I'm jumped by the Totem Kommo-o. I have Sal out first to use toxic. Kommo-o uses changing scale to hit Sal for 120 damage leaving him with 1 health, Sal refuses to die. I switch in Skar, who has been my rock recently, and Kommo-o also summoned Scizor into the battle. It doesn't matter though, as Skar makes quick work of them both with aerial ace, making me wish I used Skarmory more in previous adventures.
I reach the Altar of the Sunne with Lillie and I rock out like a boss with the sun flute (it's not girly, shut up), while Lillie plays the moon flute, I assume. The combined flutes helps Nebby evolve into Solgaleo at the altar. With Nebby now evolved, he has some awesome powers to take us to the dimension where Lusamine travelled. So we hop on Nebby and ride through to a new dimension.

We make it to a fun looking place where Guzma is hanging out looking bored. We push on to find Lusamine with one of the weird dimension things. Lillie says her peace but Lusamine, being the great mother she is, ignores her and wants to have another battle (is there nothing Pokemon battles can't solve?). Lusamine joins forces with the Nihilego, thinking it's gonna help. Predictably, Clefable is out first for Lusamine. I have Toro on the ready to smart strike his way to victory.
Up next is Bewear. This bad boy was a problem last time. I send in Sal to use toxic. Bewear used pain split and lost health. Sal used sludge bomb, and Bewear stuck with pain split which actually did something this time. Another sludge bomb defeats Bewear, go Sal! Milotic is out third for Lusamine. I switch Toro back in to use his electric Z move to do huge damage, but not enough. Milotic used hydro pump to take Toro down to 15 health. Toro pushes on with thrash to defeat Milotic.

Lilligant is out next, so I send Sal back in to use flamethrower, defeating Lilligant in one hit. Lusamine has one Pokemon left in Mismagius. I send in Mukka to finish up. Mismagius used power gem to do some damage to Mukka, and Mukka used crunch to one hit Mismagius and defeat Lusamine again. Solgaleo broke the two apart upsetting the dimensional beasts. Luckily, Nebby got us the heck out of there before they could attack us. Richee

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