Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Richee's Blind Pokemon Sun Adventure #15

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Lusamine starts strong sending out Clefable. Luckily I have Toro out first to kick some fairy ass. Toro starts with smart strike to do huge damage, and Clefable uses cosmic power to do decent damage, but nothing too worrying. Clefable goes first this time using metronome, but it fails. Smart strike hits again and takes down Clefable. Lusamine sends out Bewear next, so I counter with Veler. Bewear starts with baby doll eyes to dent Velers attack. Veler hits brick break and it's super effective but did very little damage, which is concerning. Veler uses stealth rock which will damage Pokemon when sent out.

Bewear uses take down which hits hard, another round of baby doll eyes and a weak brick break, and Veler switches it up with bulldoze. Bewear has had enough though, and uses hammer arm to defeat Veler. I send in Sal next with one intention to poison Bewear. Sal uses toxic to poison Bewear who uses take down and puts Sal down to 6 hp. With Bewear poisoned, I switch in Mukka. Take down hits but isn't too bad, and Mukka uses acid armour to raise his defence. Bewear uses another take down, but then faints due to poisoning.
Lusamine sends out Milotic next, which has me on edge. Milotic can be a dangerous foe. so I switch in Toro who I previously taught wild charge to, and switched z moves for an electric attack. I don't waste any time hitting the z move to defeat Milotic. Up next is Lilligant. I switch in Skar to do his thing. Lilligant uses stun spore to paralyse Skar, who misses his go. Lilligant used teeter dance next to confuse Skar. Skar pays no attention to his affliction and uses x scissor, which did huge damage. I just need one more hit. Lilligant uses petal dance next to inflict moderate damage and Skar is paralysed again. Another petal dance, but Skar hits slash to defeat Lilligant.

Lusamine's last Pokemon is Mismagius, so I switch in The Star. The Star hits psychic for massive damage. Mismagius uses mystic fire for little damage, but The Star's special attack was weakened. It didn't matter though, as psychic defeats Mismagius and Lusamine. I lost Veler in the process, but Lusamine is defeated. Lusamine doesn't take the loss well though, opening a portal and running off to another parallel universe where ultra beasts come from, and Guzma also goes through the portal (boom, two birds one stone).
Nebby is in a bad way after being forced to open up that portal. I get a master ball from Miss Wicke and slowly sneak out of there before I'm roped into something else. I release Veler as he fainted. Not particularly sad by the loss, as the pairing of electric/rock didn't seem all that great. I head for the final island, Poni Island, with needs a sixth team member. I look around the docks where we land and they have some real funky Pokemon style boats. I'm approached by a young woman who offers me an Aerodactyl. I accept of course and welcome Dacca to my team as my sixth member. Richee 

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