Saturday, 14 January 2017

Richee's Blind Pokemon Sun Adventure #14

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So having dealt with Team Skull I can get back on track with becoming champ of Alola, or so I thought. While I was beating the losers, Plumeria snatched Lillie up. Gladion is less then pleased and doesn't give me much of a choice, other then to help get her back. But before I go, there is the small issue of the Kahuna, the useless cop who let Po Town fall to Team Skull, and let his police station get over run with Meowth's.

I battle Nanu the crap cop, as it's the rules for the Island Challenge. Nanu sends out Sableye and I send out Toro, and don't waste any time using Toro's Z move to get Sableye out the way. Krokoroc is out next for Nanu. I send in The Star, who has no trouble washing Krokoroc away. The final Pokemon for Nanu is the Alolan form of Persian, so I send in Mukka. Two brick breaks is all it takes to defeat Persian and finish off Kahuna Nanu.
With that out the way, me and Gladion make our way to the Aether paradise to find Lillie. Oh... Hau is also here, so... yay. The Aether guys aren't as friendly as before and start throwing down, some one should have told them I'm the future champ, as I sweep them aside easily. Fabu is waiting for me though. He's a researcher or some thing, so he might be a challenge. Fabu sends out Hypno first. I send in the mighty Mukka. Hypno is easily defeated. Magneton is up next for Fabu, so I switch in Veler. Magneton uses flash cannon for some decent damage, but Valer uses bulldoze to defeat Magneton and Fabu with it.

Me and Hau join forces to beat some Skull goons who turned up, then Miss Wicke points us in the right direction for Lillie and Cosmog. More Skull goons need a whooping. Why are the two groups working together though? We finally reach Gladion, who has just been beaten by Guzma. Well, I have no problem giving Guzma another beating.
Veler is first out for me and, as usual, Guzma starts with Golisopod. I go Z move with Velers electric type move to one hit Golisopod. Guzma has Pinsir out second. I send in Sal to have a little fun one hitting Pinsir with flamethrower. Masquerain is sent out by Guzma. I switch in Mukka and I go full cheap mode, using minimize and acid armour repeatedly to stack Mukka's stats. In those 6 moves Masquerain only landed one bug buzz, which did decent damage, but was all for nothing, as black sludge has healed Mukka fully. Poison jab takes Masquerain down and then Ariados after as they couldn't even hit Mukka.

So with Guzma crushed and completely humiliated, we push on to the final room where Lusamine is waiting, with Cosmog being held in a box and surrounded by Pokemon frozen in some sort of cryogenic state. Lusamine wants to use Cosmog to open up portals to other dimensions to help the ultra beasts. Lillie is worried that doing this will kill Cosmog. Lusamine is gone though, she has gone full crazy and there's only one way to stop her, to beat her in a Pokemon battle. Richee

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