Saturday, 21 January 2017

Richee's Blind Pokemon Adventure Sun #16

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With a full squad I head onto the Island and bump straight into Hapu, who tells me she is the Kahuna of Poni Island, but she takes off pretty quickly. I decide, as I'm in a new area, I might as well grab a new Pokemon partner. I lose count off how many Pelliper's I beat looking for something new. In the process of battling Pelliper's, both Toro and Sal reach level 50. I give up on the grass hunt and take a look into a pile of berries where I'm attacked by a Crabrawler and catch her with ease. I name her Crabbie and send her to my back up box.

As soon as I've caught Crabbie, a Gastodon popped up. Where was he four Pelliper's a go? Oh well. I beat Gastodon to teach it a lesson. I move on to the next area on the Island and get attacked by Exeggcute. Excellent! I've got myself a grass stone, so an Alolan Exeggutor would be an awesome addition to my team. But typically, Skar decided right now would be the best time to get a critical hit with swift, and Exeggcute is defeated.

I reach Poni Grove but get turned away because I'm impure (how did they know?). I get told to go wash them away by going to Exeggutor Island, so I head back to the docks and catch a ride on the Magikarp boat. I reach the Island and, after a brief explore, I bump into an Exeggutor. Skar sticks with swift and I manage to catch Exeggcutor after a couple of attacks and name her Megsy Crew. I put her in my team ahead of Dacca, as I already have Skar as my flying type.

I grab the sun flute, batter some team skull jerks, and make my way back to Poni Grove, where Hapu is waiting to battle. Megsy Crew easily beats Dugtrio, then a combo of The Star and Megsy Crew defeated Flygon, who's earth power did some serious damage. Hapu uses her trusted ally Mudsdale, so I switch in Toro. Hapu uses her Z move, which would have one hit my Toro if he didn't hang in there due to our bond. I switch in Megsy Crew, but earthquake finishes off what Flygon started. I switch in Skar who Steel Wings it's way to victory, even after a hyper potion by Hapu.

Hapu's last Pokemon is Gastodon. I send The Star back in, who is in a bad way, but I can't risk Mukka, Sal or Toro. The Star uses grass knot and that was all she wrote for Gastodon and Hapu. She allows me to pass, but I need to go get Dacca back after Megsy Crew's short run in the team. I did learn that Skar is a powerful team member. Richee

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