Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Richee's Blind Pokemon Adventure Sun #13

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I head back to the Pokecenter where some guy wants to trade his Graveller for a Haunter, so I happily trade Hauntz for Veler, who evolves into Alolan Golem. I continue my journey, where I bump into the Skull goons and their big sister Plumeria outside the Aether house. Plumeria wants some payback for all the beat downs I've been handing out. She uses Golbat, I send in The Star, and it takes only one psychic to take down Golbat. Plumeria then sends out Salazzle, and I switch out The Star for Toro. Again, it only takes one move to beat Salazzle, this time a bulldoze. Toro did get poisoned in the process though.

I head into Aether house to find out Team Skull have stolen a Yungoos from a young trainer and that they must be holding it in Po Town. First I have to get there. Heading up route 15, I see what I can catch and get stuck with Pelliper (I feel like I can't avoid Pelliper's wherever I go). I catch him anyway, as a back up to for my main team. Welcome to the team, Peppy! I reach route 16, explore the grass to get something decent, but only find Gumshoos and Pellipers.
Giving up with finding any thing new on route 16, I head into Ula Ula Meadows and come up against a Ribombee. Toro goes out first and defeats Ribombee in one hit. Well, I won't be catching anything in Ula Ula Meadows. I hit route 17 and stumble across a police station... well, I can just report the theft of Yungoos to the police. I push open the door and step into an abandoned police station now occupied by Alolan Meowths. It doesn't look like I'll get any help here. Well lets go see if I can't catch anything on route 17.

After defeating a hand fall of Gumshoos and some Team Skull douches, I'm attacked by a Skarmory. After a brief battle, I'm able to catch Skarmory and name him Skar, putting him in my team as my sixth. I scope out Po Town, and its walled off, with only one entrance guarded by a couple of goons. Well, only one thing to do now, kick some Team Skull ass! I battle through the town, having to crawl through bushes and beating up goons till I reach the mansion.
A few more goons go down till I reach the top floor, and there's the big cheese Guzma with the stolen Yungoos. Guzma didn't learn his lesson from last time and wants to battle. Guzma sends out Golisopod first. I have Toro ready to go. I don't mess around using Toro's Z move straight away to take out Golisopod. Up next for Guzma is Ariados. I decide to try out Veler, who gets an easy win. With that, Guzma is defeated again. Richee

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