Thursday, 5 January 2017

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016) - Richee Review

So Pride and Prejudice and Zombies dropped earlier this year to a very lukewarm reception. Based on the book, which was an adaption of the classic Jane Austin novel, but with zombies. The film takes place during the Regency era in London, with the country in ruin by the zombie menace, and kids are sent to China or Japan to study martial arts to defend themselves.

The film follows Elizabeth Bennett as she tries to find a good man while surviving the increasing zombie attacks. Her sister is taken by a rich suitor and she becomes infatuated with Mr Darcey, who is a bit of a jerk. The arrival of a former acquaintance to Mr Darcy in Mr Wickham turns Elizabeth's head,plus she learns that the zombies might have their own agenda, really puts a twist on things.
The movie has star power and starts well, as Charles Dance explains the current situation of 19th century England, narrating over the events portrayed with illustration. From there on though, the film is a downward spiral of tedium. The film sticks to the original source material, but it's just not as fun as it should be, even with the addition of zombies. The fight scenes also have issues, as it's usually filmed in really poor light, and trying to make out what's happening can be an issue.

This film struggles with it's pace and just kind of feels bland. Where as the book adaption was a humorous twist on the classic, this just doesn't add anything to it. Lena Headey gets a small part as a bad ass warrior but isn't used to full advantage, and Matt Smith also has a small role but feels like a throw away character.

I was impressed with the European trailer of the film, but after the reviews my interest in this film cooled. After finally watching this film, I gotta say I wasn't really missing anything in not watching this at the cinemas. Final verdict: 4/10 it's a below average film with an interesting concept just not made to it's full potential, messing up on simple things like lighting, and a rather lacklustre script holds this film back from being fun and enjoyable. Plus, there's virtually no blood in the fights. When your hacking down zombies, there needs to be a little gore. Richee

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