Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Pokemon Sun Blind Nuzlocke Update

So I wiped for the second time in Pokemon Sun and I did not take it well. In fact, I deleted my save file and restarted the game with no intention of continuing the nuzlocke, as  Mimikyu and Gengar did away with me. I happened to catch a Tauros though while playing back through, and I thought I'd use him (why not, aye?). When I got to the Volcano path, a shiny Salandit appeared and I wanted to carry on with my adventure with this cute little guy in tow.
I figured I could use Tauros and Salandit as part of my team and catch a Staryu to take over from The Star, but with three Pokemon, I didn't like my changes against the extremely cheese pairing of Haunter/Gengar and Mimikyu. So I went and caught myself the Pokemon I wanted from the start, an Alolan Grimer, who I evolved into Muk and named Mukka. With these four in tow, it was clear to me I can't call it a nuzlocke any more because I broke the rules, so I'm gonna play through with certain nuzlocke rules.

I'm sticking with no healing items during battle, only one Pokemon per area, and that's it. I also wanna stick with these four, so that means leaving me with two spaces for what I may catch. So I hope you'll stick with me for Richee's Pokemon Sun Adventure #12, out this Saturday. I'm also pondering on what game to play through for season 5. I'm thinking Blue or Silver, so if you have a preference let me know in the comments. Richee

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