Thursday, 19 January 2017

London Has Fallen (2016) - Richee Review

London Has Fallen arrived on Netflix recently. It's one I've been avoiding because I enjoyed the previous film Olympus Has Fallen and, like Taken, it didn't need a sequel, but I thought what the heck, how bad can it be? The film managed to get back the original cast, including Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman.

So the film starts with a drone attack on a wedding party, followed by the death of the English Prime Minister, and all the global leaders go to attend the funeral. But it's all a set up, as the man who was bombed at the beginning wants his revenge over the worlds governing bodies. The "baddies" manage to kill the French, German, Italian, Japanese and Canadian Prime Ministers. The American President (Eckhart) escapes with his bodyguard (Butler). After an awesome, if OTT, chase scene, the President reaches his chopper but gets shot down in London as an army of "villains" hunt them down.
So I enjoyed this film, but found the morality very off. The main "villain" is a gun seller and is number 6 on the US most wanted list. He has never performed terrorists attacks, but sells weapons to them. It's a very shady area, but the Americans Government has also sold weapons to other countries, including dubious ones, so it's a bit hypocritical of the US to bomb anyone for this reason. The father and his brothers lash out at those they blame for the death of their daughter/sister, which to be fair is what I'd do if this happened to my family and I had the connections.

So he lashes out and his sons are also in on the plan, and basically running the plan in England. Butler kills off one of the brothers while his other brothers are listening over a walkie talkie, which is a bit brutal. Then spoilers at the end of the film: after all his sons have been killed by Butler, the US government track him down. Morgan Freeman phones to mock him and say that his plan was foiled and children were murdered, then kill him with a fucking drone strike. Have you learnt nothing, America?

This would be more fitting for a scene in Team America: World Police (amazing film if you haven't seen it), mocking the stupidity of the action genre. Now I know it might seem fitting that he got killed the original way they tried earlier, but at the same time, the last time they tried to kill him they killed his innocent daughter and who knows how many other innocents, to then drone a building this man is in with other possible civilian casualties.
So yeah, this film has some issues if you pay attention, like why no one is brought in to stand trial, they're all just gunned down because ACTION. Some action scenes were awesome and Butler is great for his part, even if he put in a pointless side story about wanting to quit. The scene where the President's helicopter is shot down looks bad. The film is also stupid, as the pilot wouldn't do a controlled crash, preferring to get shot out of the air, then the fact they walk away completely unscathed/ Well, apart from the random cabinet member who snuffs it.

This is a stupid film but has some good action scenes, but on the whole left me feeling negative towards it. It's predictable, repetitive nonsense made to turn a budget rather then being made to be a great film. Final verdict: 4/10. It's a below average action film, only managing a four because of the cast they managed to put together. Without Butler this would have been a 3, maybe a 2. Richee

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