Saturday, 24 December 2016

Richee's Blind Pokemon Nuzlocke Sun #9

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So after that brutal wipe, I need to get a new team. Wimpie will be leading the team, joining him is Sprout, Hoofa, Butters, Fitch, and Biter has made his way back to the team. I headed down Route 11 to do some training and I walk into a double battle. I forget Sprouts new steal typing and lose him in one move to the opponents Fletchfinder, so another loss is not useful. Luckily, Fitch evolved into Fletchfinder with that win.

As I head into the grass I'm attacked by a Komala. I want this sleepy boy in my team and I weaken him up and go through three balls, with the third one rolling over three times, but popping out on the fourth to trick me. The Komala left me no choice but to beat him, as I can't risk losing anyone else. I ditch Spout and take out Fearbro (I have too many bug and flying types). I head up to the outer cape where I find out there is Alolan Grimers around this area, so I jump into the grass to find a .........
God damn Trubbish appear! All I wanted was a Grimer. I catch him anyway and name him Binbag Brian, he is not a welcome addition to the team. I returned to the top off the mountain to find there's some goons to battle back down the road, so I head down there to get some extra training. With that extra training, my team consists off: Wimpie level 38, Fearbro 29, Biter 28, Fitch 25, Hoofa and Butters on 24. So its make or break against this totem bastard.
I start with Wimpie to take on Vikavolt. My first attack misses where as Vikavolts spark hits and paralyzes Wimpie. Here comes Charjabug, and I can't risk losing Wimpie, so I switch him out with Butters who takes a couple of sparks and he's done. Next in is Fitch, who doesn't get off an attack but Vikavolt gets burned attacking Fitch, so wasn't all for naught. I switch in Hoofa, who is immune to electric type moves. How has it taken me this long to remember this? What follows is a very long back and fourth, as very few moves hit, with Vikavolt dodging ground moves and Hoofas immunity. Hoofa takes out two Charjabug's while Vikavolt slowly burns to death.

Vikavolt faints and Hoofa takes out another Charjabug to get the win. Fitch did me proud and Hoofa just booked his place in my main team. Sophocles gives me the electric crystal and the lanky guy gives me the steal crystal. I let them know what I think off them and I head to the Pokemon centre to release Butters and Fitch and bring in Binbag Brian and Lil Ledy. Richee

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