Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Richee's Blind Pokemon Nuzlocke Sun #8

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So first stop on the new island is Malie Garden. I catch myself a Ledian and name her Lil Ledy. I bump into some weird looking professor named Samson who is studying the Alolan forms of different Pokemon. I reach route 10 and catch myself a Fearow and name him Fearbro. Afterwards, I reached a bus stop and found those idiots from team Skull trying to steal it (who tries to steal a bus stop?). So I batter them and get on the dirty bus.

Kukui shows up on the bus and tells me about his idea to make a Pokemon League. I will be that League Champion! We reach the summit of Mount Hokulani where they have an observatory, and Molayne is outside the observatory waiting to be battled. He has steel types which are a nuisance, but easily dealt with. I head into the observatory where I meet Sophocles, the first captain of the island.

He decides he's going to summon the Totem Pokemon right here in the observatory. First up is a Grubbin, an electric bug type, and I've got Terrados out first. Why?! Grubbin is easily dealt with but Terrados is paralyzed in the process. A Charjabug shows up next and I have to switch in Mac with bulldoze to take him out. He takes a couple of hits, but now I've just got Totem Vikavolt to deal with.
I'm forced to switch Terrados out, as he wouldn't last long, and I send in Chappie. A spark hits but doesn't do too much damage. He then summons fourth a Charjabug. Chappie uses assurance, which does very little damage. Charjabug uses another spark and a thunder wave leaves him paralyzed. Before I can get another attack off, Vikavolt uses bug bite to defeat Chappie. I sent in Woody next, hoping he can get off a flying attack before he gets blasted with spark, plus he's my strongest Pokemon on level 35. 

Not a chance though, as Spark from both Pokemon wipes out Woody. Bouncee goes out next. She uses Teeter dance to confuses Vikavolt, who turns around to hit bug bite too and then gets taken out by Charjabug and vice grip. I send in Mac to bulldoze these jerks, Vikavolt snaps out of confusion straight away (well that was useful), then two sparks do more damage then I would have liked, but bulldoze takes out Charjabug. After that, Vikavolt calls in another Charjabug to enrage me. The next two attacks wipe out Mac.

Terrados goes out paralyzed and falls to victim to the double attacking bastards, and Wimpie falls to a single spark, and my team wipes. Against these bastard bugs! After the loss Wimpie evolved into Golisopod, so I decided, screw the rules, I'm keeping him as I release the rest off my team. Losing Woody and Mac really hurt. If only I was aware that once the challenge started I wouldn't be able to switch Pokemon around or even heal my team. Well I got some training to do to get my revenge.

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