Saturday, 17 December 2016

Richees Blind Pokemon Nuzlocke Sun #7

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As I reach route 9 I decide to do a spot of fishing to hopefully strengthen my team. I did strengthen my team, but with a Luvdisc I named Hart. So with that useless addition to my team, I pushed on to Konikoni City, where I purchased a skull fossil and found out the Kahuna Olivia was waiting for me in the Ruins of Life.

I bumped into a lost Lillie on my way to face Olivia, and she accompanied me to the ruins. I switched Bounee in first, she would have an advantage against Olivia and her rock type. Olivia sent out Nosepass and mega drain did enough damage, but rock slide hit Bouncee hard taking her down to 7 life. I switched in Mac, who's force palm took down Nosepass. Boldore also fell to force palm. Olivia's last Pokemon was Lycanroc. I decided to stick with Mac, which worked out as two force palms later I had defeated another Kahuna.

I got the rock crystal for my victory and Lillie went off with Olivia. I headed to Hano Beach where I caught a Staryu who I named The Star. I also gained 20,000 coins by throwing Pyukumuku back into the ocean, which was a fun distraction. Apparently they die if someone doesn't chuck them back. I headed back to the hotel where Faba was waiting for me with Hau. We travelled to the Aether Paradise, which is a home for disowned Pokemon and Pokemon research.
We met the Aether paradise president Lusamine who looks a lot like Lillie. As we were getting the tour a wormhole opened up and I had to defend everyone against a big jellyfish-thing. It took some beating, but Chappie saw him off, and the beast fled. After the battle, Lusamine sounded a bit kooky to me so I was happy to leave for the third island Ula' ula.

Upon arriving, Hau decided he wanted another battle. His Raichu did massive damage against Mac with psychic, forcing me to switch to Chappie, who easily dealt with Raichu. Hau sent out Vaporeon and I switched Bouncee in, and after one move Hau called Vaporeon back and sent in Dartrix. I followed suit, switching Woody in who easily beat Dartrix, which left Vaporeon who fell to Bouncee. After the win, Bouncee evolved into Tsareena. With that distraction out the way, I've got an Island to conquer. Richee

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