Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Richees Blind Pokemon Nuzlocke Sun #6

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So into the Lush Jungle I go to collect some fancy ingredients. I'm unable to catch anything until I've passed the challenge though. While collecting ingredients and beating Fomantis', Woody evolved into Toucannon. So with all ingredients in tow, I put out Cap'n Mow to roast what ever bug/grass type that appears. We cooked up the items, and then the Totem Lurantis attaked. 

It took one fire fang, but it used synthesis and summoned fourth a Castform. The Castform used sunny day, improving my fire fang. Excellent! Lurantis went first and used solar blade, which did far more damage then I would have liked, but fire fang hit more massive damage. One more of them and I'm done. Castfrom attacked first though using weather ball, which did too much damage and solar blade ended Cap'n Mow. No!! That was not suppose to happen!
Fine. Scabbie Abby has the best speed from my team, so she got in a quick hit to finish off Lumantis, accept Lumantis went first with the massively op solar blade to one hit Scabbie Abby. Dammit! I'm two down against a damn bug! Fine... go, Woody! Again, weather ball and saolar blade hit first, but Woody survives to pluck and end this Totem Lurantis. I switch in Mac to finish off that annoying Castform jerk.

So having completed the trial I decide to catch something quickly to make up for my losses. A Fomantis pops out first, so Mac uses brick break to weaken it, but it critical hits instead of beating it. Now you get a critical hit, dammit! I head back to a Pokemon centre to release Scabbie Abby and Cap'n Mow. I withdraw Terrados and Bouncee. After a few battles, Bouncee evolved into Steenee. I reached Digletts cave for the second time. This time I'm able to pass through.

It didn't take long to catch an Alolan Diglett and name him Sprout. As I get further through, I have to deal with some Team Skull goons. Luckily, Hau catches up to help out, making quick work of the goons. I escape the cave to reach route 9 and move onto Memorial Hill, where I'm attacked by a Phantump, which goes down in one hit. Having no luck catching anything at the moment. OK, on to the Akula outskirts. Come on, give me some thing good... a Rattata, awesome, he's gonna be useful... I weaken him up, but after using three pokeball's and the Rattata not staying in there, I decide to cut my losses and just beat him. Richee

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