Saturday, 10 December 2016

Richees Blind Pokemon Nuzlocke Sun #5

 Salazzle picture by Alexalan

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So with my first challenge completed, I head off down to route 6. I swing into the local Pokecenter to heal up my team, and I find a trainer looking for a Lillipup, so if I bump into another one at least I can trade it. Just like that, a Lillipup appeared in route 6, so I called him Lil Pup, then went and traded his ass for Bounsweet, who all ready had the name Bouncee. As I battled through route 6, Mac went and evolved into Hariyama.

I reach a cave with the subtle name of Digletts Cave. I wonder what I'll find in here? I'm quickly escorted out by Olivia though, because I need to beat the other challenges. I bump into Kukui, who tells me about Battle Royal Dome, a place where you can have four way battles. I take part and laugh as Kukui lost while dressed like a wrestler (how is this guy a professor?). I continue my journey after that waste of time and reach route 7. 
As I make my way down route 7, my egg hatched into a little Eevee. Happy days! Welcome to the team, Chappie. I decide to have a fish to try and add something to my team and, of course, it's a Magikarp, but at least it's level 18. I catch him and name him Terrados - two levels till you're awesome. I send Sadsack to the back up team and reach Volcano Park, where I'm attacked by a Fletchling. Almost instantly I catch him, name him Fitch, and send him to the back up party box.
I make my way to the top of the volcano where I meet Kiawe and take his challenge in the spot-the-difference of the dancing Marowaks. during the trial, Terrados evolved into Gyrados, and he easily dispatched of the Totem Salazzle. I got the fire crystal for my win, and so one challenge remains. I head to route 8, where I bump into some loon dressed like a clown. He is from the Aether Foundation, apparently. I slowly back away, where I meet a kid who's looking down at a Wimpod. Apparently you gotta be quick to catch one...

...That or cheat, as I hop onto the back of Tauros and charge down the Wimpod, easily catching him and naming him Wimpie. Against my better judgement, I send Terrados to the back ups and add Wimpie to the main team. I reach route 5 again as I battle some more trainers. Chappie evolved into Umbreon, just as planned. I head into the area Lush Jungle, where I bump into the third captain and get told to collect some ingredients. Man these trials are easy, such a relaxing holiday. Richee

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