Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Richees Blind Pokemon Nuzlocke Sun #4

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So as I reached the next island I'm met by the big Kahuna Olivia. She gives me the low down that there's three trials to do, and heads on her way. As I explore the town, I run into two similar acquaintances in Dexio and Sina. Dexio decides he wants to battle, so I send Batty out first and think he may stand a chance with bite against Slowpoke, but confusion one hits him and I have my first casualty in my challenge.

I send in Biter to bite up the Slowpoke and defeat Dexio. For winning I'm given the Zygarde cube, which collects bits and bobs to turn into a legendary Pokemon. I withdraw Butters for Batty and head down route 4, where a moustachio Rattata popped up first. Woody uses pluck, which beats him in one move, the bugger. No funny Rattata for me. I reach Paniola Town where Hau is waiting for another whooping, which I gracefully give him.
After that interruption to my challenge, I continue to the Ranch where I catch Mudbray and name him Hoofa. I keep him in the team and send Butters back to storage. I reach a daycare where they don't raise your Pokemon, so it's more of a Pokemon breeding ground (yikes!). They kindly give me an egg which has been left and I take it with me, sending Hoofa to storage. I reach route 5 to be stopped by a team Skull wannabe named Gladion who wants a battle.
Biter goes out to face... Type Null? What is that poor thing? Looks like a mish-mash of multiple animals. I show no mercy, and Biter gets the win over Gladion. With that win, Biter evolved into Gumshoos. I take a walk through the grass and get challenged by Lillipup. Ugh, so lame. I take it's life down to catch it, but the little jerk used take down and knocked itself out. Another missed opportunity to add to my team, but it was just a Lillipup.

I reach Brooklet Hill where I meet the first Captain, who gives me a Lapras to ride on. I take to the waters to catch a Wishiwashi and name him Sadsack. I defeat a few more, evolving Scabbie Abby into Kadabra. I reached the last lake, where I get challenged by the Totem Wishiwashi, which is a score of Wishiwashi all joined together and looks bad ass. Scabbie Abby leads the attack and manages to get the win with only 8 health left. One captain down, two to go. Richee

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