Saturday, 31 December 2016

Richees Blind Pokemon Nuzlocke Sun #11

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I reached the abandoned supermarket where my next trial is to take place. I'm given a warning about how dangerous this place can be to those unprepared. I teach Fearbro assurance so I have the dark type advantage over the ghost types. I clear my way through the supermarket with Fearbro wiping out Gastly, Haunter and Gengar along the way. 

As I reach the back area of the market I find some drawings of Pikachu but not a lot else. I turn to leave and I'm jumped by the Pokemon Mimikyu. The battle gets under way and Fearbro is out first to take a hefty play rough by Mimikyu. Assurance hits, but only damages Mimikyu's disguise. Mimikyu summons in Haunter to lend a hand, and the second play rough hits and knocks Fearbro out. I believe Mimikyu is a ghost/fairy type, so I send in Binbag Brian, hoping his poison typing will help him out... but no. One play rough later and Binbag Brian is down.

OK, two down. Time to send in the heavy hitters. Go, Gamera! Again, play rough hits hard but Gamera will hopefully hit harder. Before he could though, Haunter used hypnosis to put Gamera to sleep. This is an inconvenience. OK. I send in the meat shield Hoofa. He takes a play rough, which does a surprising amount of damage, and Haunter used night shade. I opt to get rid of Haunter, as this pairing is a nuisance. 

Bulldoze takes down Haunter but Hoofa takes another play rough, then having lost his pal Haunter, Mimkyu summons in Gengar. And I though this couldn't get worse... Mimikyu switches attacks with mimic, using bulldoze against Hoofa, then Gengar finishes Hoofa off with night shade. OK Wimpie, lets show this bastard what we can do! I use sucker punch to finally get another hit on Mimikyu, but it was too weak. I was expecting more, especially with the eight level difference. Play rough hits hard and does huge damage again. WTF! Gengar then uses hypnosis, and I stick with Wimpie to take another play rough. Gengar sticks with hypnosis so Wimpie avoided that attack. Wimpie wakes up to hit another sucker punch, but again it's depressing. The third play rough triggers Wimpie's ability to leave the match.

I switch in Snortz to hope he might be able to freeze these goons, but no, play rough hits and Snortz is defeated. How many play roughs does Mimikyu have? I don't know if Wimpie will just wimp out again so I send in Gamera, who is still asleep. He takes a shadow claw and a nightshade but wakes up first time to hit a flamethrower, but Mimikyu still stands with just under half it's life. Another shadow claw finishes Gamera off though, leaving Wimpie to finish off Mimikyu and Gengar. Sucker punch hits, so one more and Mimikyu will be defeated. Mimikyu hits with shadow claw, but is a lot weaker then play rough, which it must have ran out of.

Gengar uses hypnosis to put Wimpie to sleep. Two rounds go by with Wimpie asleep and the Mimikyu-Gengar double team finishes of my team. With all my team gone, the two ghosts turn their attention to me. Gengar uses hypnosis as Mimikyu approaches... Before I collapse, my pokerider kicks in and Tauros rushes me to safety as I fall into unconciousness.

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