Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Richees Blind Pokemon Nuzlocke Sun #10

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I go to report my success to Kukui who I find him running his mouth at some guy called Guzma, the leader of Team Skull. As I push forward to get a front row seat, Kukui sees me and, of course, decides I should battle Guzma. So Biter is out first to take on Golisopod. The match lasts one move, as Golisopod hits first impessions to knock Biter out of my team. 

I switch in Wimpie half way through the match. Golisopod used wimp out to run away and Ariados is in for Guzma. Ariados doesn't last long though, and Guzma sends Golisopod back in. I switch out Wimpie for Fearbro, and another first impression hits hard but Fearbro toughs it out to get the win. Kukui carries on mouthing off as Guzma leaves defeated.

Another loss to my team I really didn't need. So long Biter, you did me well. I head down route 12 looking to add to my team. First to appear is a funky Alolan Geodude. I use leech life, because a bug type move won't take out Geodude... but of course it took out Geodude. So with that missed oppurtunity, I push on.
I reach Blush Mountain and I really need something good, and I finally get a bit of luck as I'm attacked by Turtonator. After a brief scuffle I'm able to catch him and name him Gamera. I head into route 13 and bump into Gladion again. He just tells me and Hau to protect Lillie and Cosmog. I pass through Tapu village and on to route 14 where I catch a Finneon. I have so may water types now. I name Fineon Finn.

After a few more battles, Hoofa evolves into Mudsdale. My team is coming together a bit more. I head back to Tapu Village and add to my team further with Snorunt, who I name Snortz. I then have to deal with some Team Skull numpties harassing Lillie. I deal with them then move on to my next trial, which is taking me to an abandoned supermarket. Richee

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