Saturday, 3 December 2016

Richees Blind Pokemon Nuzlocke Sun #3

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So I'm at the end of my trial where I should see a Totem Pokemon, but there's nothing around apart from a pillar with a shiny stone. As I approached the stone, I was jumped by a Gumshoos (lol, gum-shoes). Luckily, I got Mac out first, who took Gumshoos down with a couple of force palms. With that win, Woody also evolved into Trumbeak. The reward for beating the Totem Pokemon is the shiny stone, which turned out to be a crystal, so I can perform normal Z-type moves, as long as I don't mind looking like a plank.
So with my new ability in tow, I continue to my next challenge and new opportunities to improve my team. I head down route 3 and dive into the grass to see what new and exciting Pokemon I can catch. A wild Mankey would be a cool addition to my team, but unfortunately Mankey didn't agree and left me no choice but to defeat him and leave me with out a new ally. I reached Melemele Meadow and a new possibilities.

Up first is a Butterfree, who had no issues joining my team and be donned the name Butters. I decide to stick with my original team and carry on winning enough battles to evolve Cap'n Mow into Torracat. I beat Hau again (this guy doesn't know when to quit) and got a red card from a random trainer. I got back to the little town to battle my first Kahuna, and beat the first Island Challenge.
Luckily, Kahuna Hala uses fighting type Pokemon. I start with Batty against Hala's Mankey. Batty has no problem dealing with the Mankey. I send Woody out against Makuhita and pluck makes short work off Makuhita. I leave Woody out to take on Crabrawler, and I witness the power of the Z moves, as Crabrwler unleashes one on Woody and it does some serious damage. Woody hangs in there though and gets the win with his second pluck.

For my big win I am given the fighting Z crystal and get Tauros as a rideable Pokemon. I'd prefer him as a team member, but oh well. Captain Ilima congratulates me and tells me he is impressed I won with out using my Z move. With the first Island conquered me, Hau and Lillie head on to the next Island. Richee

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