Monday, 12 December 2016

DVD Roundup: Hot Mess edition

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates may not win any prizes for smarts and originality, but it is a film that we both laughed throughout (and I'm usually the cantankerous one that doesn't laugh at anything). Based on the true story of the Stangle brothers, who applied for dates through Craigslist, MADNWD sets its female leads on the same level as the men when it comes to the comedy, but that level does stay distinctly at the crude and loud. Still, if you like that type of humour, and you want to replace this dreary winter for some Hawaiian sun, then this could be the film for you. Listen to our full review in the player below.

Do you yearn for the good old days of ginger beer and the Famous Five? Well, the latest adaptation of Swallows and Amazons may be for you. We follow a bunch of kids who try to camp out on an island in the middle of the lake, only to find its already been claimed by another bunch of kids. Twee and full of old fashioned charm, this really looks like something grandparents will want their grandchildren to watch, when what they really want to watch is Trolls.

Who came up with this film? How did they manage to get Kevin Spacey to do the voice? And Jennifer Garner and Christopher Walken? There's got to be some kind of bribery going on in Hollywood to get this type of trash made. Still... maybe Spacey is kind of funny? That Frank Underwood voice coming out of a cat... But maybe its just shit.

OK, Ricky Gervais' David Brent was a funny character but, thirteen years after its last episode, do we really need The Office's most famous character on the big screen? This time, he cashes in all his money to take his band on the road and realise his dream of becoming a rockstar. Expect more cringy humour, but maybe don't expect anything cinematic either.

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