Monday, 26 December 2016

Dirty Grandpa (2016) - Richee Review

So to say Dirty Grandpa was lambasted by everyone who watched it earlier this year would be an understatement. However, it's now up on Netflix, so I decided to find out for myself how bad this film actually is. The story follows Jason, who is soon to be wed, a door mat of a man who agrees to take his widowed Grandpa Dick across country for some reason. But his Dick has a secret agenda; to get laid.

So the film starts straight away with an annoying dragged out scene with Jason and his stoned cousin Nick standing in front of their grandma's casket while Nick goes on about conspiracy theories. Jason's Grandpa Dick seems innocent enough at first, claiming he wants to spend more time with his grandson like he use to, and who he hasn't spent enough time with recently. When Jason goes to pick up Dick though he catches him jerking off and it's all down hill from there, as Dick goes on the hunt to get laid while degrading Jason as much as possible.
Of course, along the way Jason meets up with an old friend who he falls for, making him doubt his upcoming marriage and career choices, while his grandpa keeps trying to lie his way into anyone's pants. As I said, the funeral scene at the beginning was unfunny and dragged out, but that is topped later when Jason gets arrested, as he chats to two idiot unfunny cops who are just dicks to him. The worst thing of all is that none of the unlikeable fuck-wad characters in the film get any sort of comeuppance.

The film isn't all bad. Zac Efron is tolerable in his part as Jason, and De Niro is alright as the grandpa, but his character is just such... well, a dick all the time. The film also has a really weird sex scene with De Niro and Audrey Plaza near the end which I think was going for funny, but was just cringy and weird. This then leads to the final scene where Dick, now a 72 year old father again, shows Jason his new born sons genitals. What the fuck?!

I can see why this film got all the hate. It has nothing new to offer, has a handful of funny lines, and very few likeable characters. All in all, I'd say avoid this boring, generic film. Final verdict: a 2/10. Richee

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