Thursday, 10 November 2016

Skyrim "remastered" opinions

So Skyrim is, in my opinion, one of the best games ever created. At it's time of release in 2011 it looked superb. It was a huge, sexy game, with lots to do. Fast forward five years and the remastered version has been released on consoles, with updated graphics and all the excellent gameplay you got before.

This is all good, minus one small detail: the graphics haven't had that much of an update. I mean, the characters still look similar, with slight touch ups, but they could look a lot better. The landscape from a far looks really good, but when you get up close ,they don't look so good, with rocks having super straight edges and grass and plants look some what 2D.

It would also seem that the glitches that plagued the original are still there. Straight off the bat, before you customise your character, you step down off of a coach. If you turn to see Rolaf, step down and you'll see him hovering in the air before hitting the ground. Come on Bethesda, you should have sorted this shit out by now.


But even with these gripes, the game is excellent, and I'm loving it. I've never played as a Khajiit before, so I decided to play through as a thieving unarmed bastard called General Meow (of course), and I'm really enjoying it. Running around German suplexing people is hilarious. 

So not so much a remastered game, more of a rerelease,  but it's still the great game it's always been. So if you liked Skyrim and wanna play it again, but don't have a last gen console anymore, you can't go wrong with this. Plus, mods for the consoles will help the graphics even more. Richee

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  1. Having skyrim for pc and Xbox I find the graphics are better for pc, for the graphics on Xbox to be on a par they need to improve the hardware, it doesn't matter how much they fiddle with the game, a game is only as good as the hardware running it