Friday, 25 November 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke Season 4 - Coming Tomorrow

In the first season of Richees Pokemon Nuzlocke, Richee became the champion of Kalos with the help off Big Bob (Snorlax) and Tiny Turt (Blastoise). In season two, Richee travelled to Hoenn, but fell at the last hurdle, losing his remaining four pokemon to champion Steven's Mega Metalgross. Season three was an epic fail, as Richee tries to get over his loss by heading to Sinnoh, but fell at the third gym. He did manage to catch Goldie, a shiny Geodude, so it wasn't all for naught.

Now Richee is on holiday to Alola to kick back and relax, and maybe test his hand at battling again. His main agenda though is to catch the Alola form of Muk, then maybe he'll attempt to win his second championship.
So the rules Richee is facing in the latest Nuzlocke are: you can only catch one Pokemon per area, every caught Pokemon has to be given a nickname, no duplicates (so if a Pokemon appears and he's already caught, there will be a second chance to catch another wild Pokemon), trading within game NPCs is allowed, no items can be used during battles (but held items are ok), and when a Pokemon faints it is eliminated, so it can't be used again, and must be released.

Shiny Pokemon, if Richee happens to get lucky enough to encounter one, can be caught, even if another Pokemon has been caught. If it faints it can't be used again, but Richee doesn't have to release it. Also, if my team wipes, I can carry on through the game if I'm able to. So come back tomorrow, then every Wednesday and Saturday, until Richee achieves his goals... or is defeated.

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