Friday, 11 November 2016

Richees Love Guru (2008) Review

So here we go, it finally happened. I watched the film that ended Mike Myers career. The film came out in 2008 and, with the exception of a cameo in Inglourious Basterds, Myers has only done short films or SNL skits, with everyone pointing the finger at Love Guru as the film that killed/murdered his career.

So the film follows the Love Guru Pitka, who was brought up in India after his parents passed away. He travels to America, his birth home, to become the number one Guru in the world. To achieve this, he must help a hockey player win his wife back and find his form to win the Stanley Cup, but the players wife is now with a rival player. If he can achieve this, he will get a fabled spot on the Oprah show.

So the one thing that stood out at the end of this film for me and many others was the fact it wasn't funny. I think I chuckled once, and the comedy is painfully dragged out and tedious, which is shocking, as the film is just over an hour twenty minutes long. The running gag of book titles wasn't funny all, with him putting TM at the end of all his acronyms. The acting isn't terrible from anyone involved, they're just not funny. Jessica Alba plays the love interest, who runs the hockey team who need their star player back, so she can break the apparent curse on her and the team.
Verne Troyer is good as the jerk coach, but isn't as good as he was in Austin Powers. Justin  Timberlake is the rival love interest, who is very cringy as the Celine Dion-loving goal keeper of the rival hockey team, and just so happens to be very well endowed. Romany Malco plays the player needing his spark and wife back, and isn't really likeable through out, as he only has himself to blame for his problems.

I don't know what to say which hasn't been said before; it's just a poorly written slightly tedious story. None of the characters are that likeable, and the "villain" Timberlake isn't even really the villain, as the lead hockey player left his wife to get with models, because he was afraid she would leave him if he failed in his career. So yeah, the one part I did enjoy was the intro and ending, with Mike Myers playing a sitar while singing classic song,s which was alright.

All in all, this was a pretty bad film. Not on the same level of shit as the more recent Adam Sandler films, more in the lines of a bad Sasha Baron Cohen film. I'd go 3/10: it's bad, but it's short, which works in its favour, but it still should have done better with what they had. It's a shame really, because I belive Myers is still capable of being the loveable goof we all enjoy. I'll have my fingers crossed that the rumoured upcoming Austin Powers film will have him in it, and it will be a return to form. Richee

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