Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Richees Blind Pokemon Nuzlocke Sun #2

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Along with the new Pokedex, Kukui gave me an amulet to show I'm apart of the Island Challenge and the experience share.  I leave the lab and decide to try my luck on the outskirts to see what I can catch. First to appear is Yungoos, the new normal type, which is easily caught. Welcome to the team, Biter. I head to the school in Hau'oli City and batter some students, the last of which was the funky Alola form of Grimer. The head teacher wanted a battle too. Her Alola form of Meowth did a lot of damage with bite, but luckily Woody knew rock smash which saw me through the battle.

After learning nothing new, I find a nice piece of grass to try and add something to my team. It must be my lucky day, as an Abra popped up first. I threw the pokeball straight away because the git would teleport otherwise, and I caught her. Scabbie Abby Abra is the fourth member of my team. I met up with Captain Ilima, but before we could talk about the trials some team Skull goons approached us.
The team Skull goons are easily dealt with, then Captain Ilima decides we need to battle to make sure I'm ready for his trial. His Yungoo's are easily dealt with, even if he did use potion on it. Ilima's second and last Pokemon is Smeargle. This is an easy win for Cap'n Mow, until I realise the Smeargle knows water gun. I got lucky burning Smeargle with my first ember, forcing Ilima to use a full heal, which gave me a free attack with ember. Another water gun takes Cap'n Mow to 1 life, and the third ember defeats the Smeargle and gets me the win... just.
I get my directions and head to route 2, where the Kahuna's Tauros is blocking the path. I give him a pat on the head and he heads off. I reach route 2 and get told about some feisty Pokemon hiding in the grass. Well colour me intrigued! I head into the grass to get rushed by a Makuhita. After a quick battle, I manage to catch the feisty bugger and name him Mac. I continue through to a cemetery where I catch one of my old favourites in Zubat, I name him Batty and now I have my team of 6. 

Team Skull are now bugging a berry farmer. Again, I hand out a battering to these goons, and they leave the farmer alone. He thanks me and I move on to my trial destination in Verdant Cave. I have to defeat three tough Pokemon before I can test myself against the Totem Pokemon. Woody is out first with rock smash to clear out the first two Yungoos', leaving one to beat. Team Skull return to be a nuisance, but end up helping me defeat the third Yungoos, which allows me to reach the next room where the Totem Pokemon is waiting. Richee

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