Saturday, 26 November 2016

Richees Blind Pokemon Nuzlocke Sun #1

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So I've finally arrived in Alola, the paradise islands. Time to kick back and put all my problems behind me. At least that's the plan. Unfortunately, I've not been here five minutes and there's some random girl looking worried. I suppose it's my gentlemanly duty to make sure everything is okay. I finally caught up to her to see her Pokemon is under attack from some jerkish Spearow's. I rush in to scare them off, but the bridge isn't sturdy enough for this much man. 

The bridge collapses under me and the random Pokemon I flick of the Spearow's as we fall. The next thing I know, some random Pokemon catches us and takes us back up to the girl. The girl introduces herself as Lillie, and her Pokemon is Nebby. Lillie finds a shiny stone and gives it to me as a thank you. I accompany Lillie back to the little town I was staying at. As we reach the town, professor Kukui stands waiting for us.

Lillie is apparently his assistant, and to thank me for my help offers me a starter Pokemon from Alola. They are Rowlet, Litten and Popplio. I pull out my D20 to Kukui's surprise and roll: 1-6 will be Rowlet, 7-12 will be Litten, and Popplio is 13-18, and if I roll 19-20 I will roll again. I rolled a 9, which is Litten, the cool little fire cat, and I name him Cap'n Mow. It doesn't take long to have my first battle, as some kid called Hau wants a fight. His Rowlet is easily dispatched with Litten and it's ember attack.
Hala, the Kahuna of this island, "borrows" my shiny stone, and I head back to my hotel room to prepare for a festival. Professor Kukui meets me before hand and gives me some pokeball's, so I head down route 1 to catch my first Alola Pokemon. First to appear is Pikipek, and it only takes an ember to weaken him then, the ball catches him. Welcome to the team, Woody. I carry on route 1 where I'm challenged to a battle by some little kid with a funky Rattata. I easily defeat him then head to the FESTIVAL!

So, the so called "festival" isn't the kicking party I thought it would be. In fact, its just another battle with Hau to appease the island deity. It did save my life, I guess. Hau has caught himself a Pichu. Cap'n Mow makes short work off Pichu, then Woody pecks Rowlet into submission to give me the big win. Hala has turned my shiny stone into a Z Bracelet, and he then tells me of the Island Challenges and thinks I should compete, so why not? Lillie asks me to accompany her to Kukui's lab. Upon arrival, the lab is not what I'm used to. To be frank, it's a bit of a dump. I head in and Kukui gives me a Rotom pokedex for my coming journey. Richee

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